3 Useful Pieces Kitchen Equipment Everyone Should Have

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Your kitchen needs a lot of equipment so that you can make delicious meals as quickly and easily as possible. Some pieces of equipment are more useful than others. Bearing that in mind, here are some essential pieces of kitchen equipment.


Toaster & Kettle


These two pretty much come as a combo. This is partly because you can match the designs, but also because who doesn’t like a hot drink with their toast? Whether you enjoy coffee or tea or something else, a kettle is going to be one of the most important items in your kitchen. Without it, you would have to boil water on your hobs, and that can take a while. With a kettle, you can have hot water in a matter of minutes (or seconds if you have an especially powerful one). A kettle is good for more than just hot drinks though; you can boil the water for cooking rice or pasta or for your steamer when cooking various vegetables. Your toaster has fewer functions but is likely a part of your breakfast routine. You can get a few slices of toast to enjoy with your eggs or throw some jam on them so you can eat while you get into your car to drop the kids off at school. However,  you use your toaster and kettle there is no denying that every kitchen should include both.




A microwave can be a massive time saver. You can use it warm up leftovers quickly and cheaply or even cook full meals. Microwave meals might not be the best meal you’ve ever had, but they are quick, and sometimes that is all you need. Plenty of microwaves come with a different setting for different types of food and for different functions. You can visit this related site for more information on what the best microwaves are. However, as a baseline, you will want a microwave that can heat your food. They fit snugly onto your work top and will likely be a big part of your cooking life. Whether you are cooking a baked potato in their before crisping it up in the oven or you are defrosting something for later use, a microwave is a massive help in the kitchen.




A blender can come in surprisingly useful for a number of situations. Especially, if it is one of those that comes with different parts and has multiple functions. A hand blender can be really useful for making silky, smooth soup and blending other meals but that is about all it can be used for. A freestanding blender can have far more functions. It can crush nuts, chop vegetables and even stir together dry ingredients. Both types of blenders are great for making smoothies, but you need to have a dish or pan when using the hand blender, and the freestanding one comes with all the required pots and dishes for blending. If you are struggling for space on your worktop, then a hand blender might best as it can fit nicely into a drawer. However, if you feel like splashing out, then you won’t regret buying a freestanding blender with a lot of different functions.


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