Could A Tesla Be The Safest Family Car You Ever Buy?


Are Tesla’s good family cars? Credit

When it comes to buying cars, you have to think about one main factor; your family. Preferably, the car you buy should be good for your family, and keep everyone safe while you go from A to B. This is why you don’t see many parents driving their family around in fast sports cars! Aside from being impractical with hardly any space, they’re just not safe enough either!


There are loads of different car producers out there that make safe cars. But, could a Tesla be the safest family car you ever buy? Tesla is fairly new to the car game – at least, compared to some of the other guys out there – but they’re already gaining a big reputation. Mainly, people are in love with all the tech inside their cars. Not only does this make the vehicle cool and clever, but it also keeps it safe.


Today, I thought it would be fun to have a look at all the cool safety features in Tesla cars that might make them the ideal choice for families up and down the country!


The big thing to come out of Tesla is their self-driving feature. This is where the car takes over for you, and you don’t have to touch the wheel. Now, it may not seem like a big safety feature, but think about all the things you can do and avoid here. If your phone rings while you’re driving, you can switch to this feature and take the call. You’re able to prevent distracted driving by trusting the car to do the dirty work for you! Many accidents are caused by people doing things while driving. Now, they can do these things without having to drive.

Cornering Lights

An underrated safety feature in many Tesla cars is their cornering lights. These lights are designed to move and bend with the contours of the road. So, you see exactly what’s around the corner before you make the full turn. In theory, it should help prevent crashes, meaning you spend more time behind the wheel, and less time having to recover after an auto accident. It’s a subtle feature, but one that you definitely notice during dark nights on winding roads. It goes without saying that many accidents are caused by situations like this where someone doesn’t see someone or something because they can’t see around a corner.




Brake Assist

A lot of cars are starting to roll off the manufacturing line with a brake assist feature. However, thanks to all the sensors on the car, Tesla vehicles have the best brake assist feature of the lot. Essentially, these sensors detect everything in front of the car and will notice when you get too close to any object and slam on the brakes. It helps counterbalance people with bad reactions, or when you’re in a scenario where someone pulls out in front of you from nowhere, and you have to time to react. This feature alone can stop so many people from being injured in a car accident.


With so many great safety features, it’s no wonder Tesla is becoming more and more popular every day. Could a Model S or X be your next family car? It’s certainly worth looking into.

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