Is Corduroy Making a Comeback this Fall?

I’m sure many younger generations are thinking to themselves say what?! If you are unfamiliar with Corduroys I can tell you that they are one of the most comfortable form of clothes I have worn as a child. Corduroy is similar to the feel of velvet, cotton blend that has raised ridges on the fabric. As a child growing in this era where Corduroy was very popular I can tell you I must have owned 5-6 pair of Corduroy pants, 4-5 Corduroy jumpers and even a Corduroy vest or two! My brother dressed in Cords as well.

Corduroy has been around since the 12th century in Egypt. In the late 18th Century in England using the French translation of cloth of the King (corde du roi) to give it a royalty image. Since then Century to Century there has been many uses for Corduroy. Such as schools using them as uniforms and many wore them to work or for sports wear.  There was a time where Corduroy was laid to rest for a while and not many of the younger generations were wearing them but occasionally you may see grandpa sporting his Corduroy vest and hat on a chilly day.

Is this vintage fabric making a #CorduroyComeback to turn trendy this fall? I think there is many reasons one would love Corduroy and consider trying out Cords for the first time. Cords have a way of making people look sharp and smart as they are clean and professional looking. Cords are also very sturdy and durable which is another reason that makes me love them so much as they last a long time and do not wear out as quick as other fabrics. In addition, I find Cords to be versatile because you can dress them up such as wearing a full suit or down wearing trousers and a ribbed shirt. In the cold winter months Corduroy is great at keeping you warm with a nice thick Corduroy jacket and for women sporting a super chic Corduroy skirt or long Corduroy dress with stockings would give it a nice warm winter look. Corduroy pairs well with many accessories to give you a nice fashion statement no matter the occasion. Chums has many Corduroy choices that would be great during the fall.







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