The Best Christmas Presents for Dogs


The 4 Best Christmas Presents for Dogs

We are a nation of dog lovers, with around 44 percent of all households in the US owning a pet pooch. That’s a staggering 78 million dogs. So it should come as no surprise that, since they are one of the family, we also love to treat them at Christmas to something special. So what can you buy the dog in your life to make their Christmas a happy one?


Soft Toys

Dogs love toys, and soft toys are good for them. Just like with babies and small children, soft toys can make a dog feel safe, and if you must leave them on their own every once in a while, a favorite soft toy, with your scent on it, can help them to feel more at east. However, also just like with babies and small children, it’s important to buy a safe toy for your dog. Make sure there are no sharp, pointy pieces that could cause injury, and check that there are no parts (like eyes or buttons) that could come off and get stuck in their throat. Finally, check that the stuffing is safe for dogs; it could come out (especially if the toy is played with a lot) so it needs to be non-toxic.


Chew Toys

Chew toys are a fantastic gift for a dog. Chew toys are not just fun; they’re good for your dog’s health too. Chewing is an instinct for dogs, and it’s good for their oral health. It’s good for their mental health too – they could easily become bored if they don’t chew on something. To save your furniture or anything else you don’t want a dog to get its teeth into, buy them a good chew toy. It will keep them entertained for a long time if you buy a quality one. Make sure you take your dog’s size into account when choosing which one to get, as if it’s too big they don’t be able to get their mouths around it, and if it’s too small they could swallow it.


A New Bed

Who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh, clean sheets on their bed? It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Dogs are much the same, so buying them a brand-new bed is something that they will love at Christmas or any other time of the year! When searching for the best resting place for dogs size is, again, an important factor – a bed that’s too small won’t be comfortable. You will also need to consider where it’s going to be kept, so you can make sure it doesn’t look too out of place. If it’s washable, that’s a definite bonus!



Buying your dog a special edible treat at Christmas is a lovely idea. There are many treats that are specially made for dogs, so you won’t need to buy them something that only humans should eat, which could make your pooch sick. Treats for dogs should be nutritious as well as tasty, and if possible, they should be good for their teeth and tongues too. To get something really special look out for artisan, handmade dog food that is kind on your dog’s digestive system.


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