Tips on Finding the Perfect House

Time has come and you want to purchase your own home. You want to find that perfect house for you and your family but unsure what is perfect and if perfect exists. I know that people may say that no home is perfect, however, I do think you can get close and as long as you think it is than it is perfect for you. Purchasing a house is a huge investment and I do not say that lightly as this will be your home most likely for 10+ years. My parents purchased their home in 1976 and my mom still owns it today. I am going to give you some tips on what to look out for to help you get started to finding your perfect home.

Go house hunting in areas that you are interested in finding your dream home.

To help narrow down as there is a lot of houses on the market, it is best to search the neighborhoods that you are interested in purchasing your home to try to find the best fit for your family. If you have young kids, you may want to find a neighborhood with children ect..

Set a budget

Never go house hunting without a budget! Knowing what you want to spend and what you can spend is two different animals. Having a budget in place is very important to the finances. Go see a lender and get pre-qualified as you can explain your budget you have in mind and they can determine how much you are eligible for.

Go on a house date

Once you are actually looking at houses and you got your pre-qualification, it is time to go on house dates and look at them inside and out. When on a house date you will want to look over the house really well and see if it meets your expectations. Does the house have all the space you are looking for and extra storage space?  Is there enough bedrooms? Do you need spare rooms in case Aunt Betty comes for a weekend?  Is the kitchen big enough and is there a combined dining room or separate? I know I like a big kitchen so it is vital to me to make sure when I purchase my home that the kitchen is big.

It is estimated that people only are on a house date for 25 minutes before making their decision to buy so not only is looking at the inside important but looking over the outside is just as important to making a decision.


Look over Front Yard and Back

To some people the size of the yard may matter. Growing up my mom and dad loved to plant different trees and my dad loved having a garden to grow his own vegetables and fruits. If you have a green thumb having a good size yard may be a huge factor in deciding on the house you will buy. My husband and I love to spend nights outside when it is cool out. If you enjoy sitting outside, having a nice area for a porch may be something you will be looking for as well.

Trying to find that home can be stressful but I hope that by providing these tips to you, it can help alleviate some of the stress and make it more exciting for you. Let me know in the comments below how it  went for you. Did you fall in love and have the #PerfectHouseDate ? Share your stories online On Facebook tag @thelawhouse and on Twitter @thelawhouseUK





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