Your Home’s Exterior To-Do List For 2018


With the holidays here; the last thing you might be thinking about is the maintenance of the exterior of your house. However, if you’ve noticed a few issues when you’ve been stringing up the festive lights; it could be time to write a different kind of list, and plan what you need to do during the new year. Minor issues on the outside of your home can escalate to major problems, especially in various weather conditions. If the problems on your home’s exterior aren’t dealt with as soon as possible; they can begin to creep into your interior space and bring those issues inside the home. Therefore it’s crucial that you make a thorough list of all the jobs that need doing so that you have a comfortable and functioning household during 2018.


Take some time this year to write down all the problematic areas on the outside of your house, and any that you think could potentially cause an issue. Prioritize the more severe issues, and work through your list one by one, and find the reputable and professional services that you’ll require. If jobs are currently minor, and you or your partner feel that you can tackle them yourselves; don’t waste time in getting up the ladder and fixing those issues as soon as possible. The following are some ideas about the areas of your outside environment that will need to be maintained and help on what to look out for to prevent future issues regarding your house and its functionality.

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Guttering And Drainage


If you’ve already been up a ladder and making your home look pretty for the festive season; you may have had the chance to check out your gutters and drains. These are essential areas of your home to keep clean, clear, and functioning well, as they have a direct effect on your household’s plumbing. If you’re unsure whether or not your drainage system is doing its job correctly; reputable companies like Anderson Plumbing Heating and Air can come out to your home to check, and will repair, fix, and maintain its function. You don’t want plumbing issues to have a negative impact on your year ahead, so make sure that you deal with any current problems and invest in preventing any new ones occurring. Poor drainage will lead to damp within your home; this can cause health issues within the family, and it’s not worth risking, so take action today.


Woodwork And Paint


Aside from looking unsightly and affecting your curbside appeal; poorly maintained wood and paint around the outside of your property can cause further interior issues. Most exterior paints provide your home with an important layer of protection against various weather and residual damp. Therefore, if you spot the shiny white color peeling away from the corners of your building and around window and door frames; you know it’s time to do something about it. The same goes for any wooden frames, cladding, or roof support; if weather has left these with areas of weakness, rot, or even gaps, you need to fix the problem before damp and mould penetrate your family’s living space and the structure of your building is compromised. If it’s a matter of a coat of paint or sealant; you or another family member could take this task on yourselves. However, if you feel that items need to be repaired or replaced; it’s vital that you employ the professionals to help, so find a reputable building company and book them in as soon as possible.


Trees And Foliage


Although you won’t be able to see the damage a tree’s roots can do to the outside of your home; they can cause all sorts of issues to the structure and stability of your property if they begin to grow underneath your house. Therefore, you’ll need to keep an eye on your more mature trees and shrubs surrounding your home and call in a tree surgeon if you feel your pipes, foundations, and flooring might be affected in the future. Hardy and study plants next to the base of your home can have an impact on allowing damp into the lower areas of the house. Make sure that you prune and trim your foliage regularly and keep your eye on all the brick and woodwork to ensure that it’s watertight and waterproof.

Knowing who to call and when to call them in regarding the maintenance of your home’s exterior will ensure that you can enjoy the new year without the worry of problems arising, so make an effort to put things in place today!

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