5 Best Android Spy Softwares 2018


5 Best Android Spy Softwares 2018


Ever felt the need to stalk your beloved one? This feeling always stems from an insecurity that is in turn caused by a certain change in the attitude and behavior of that beloved one. What do you do in such a situation? Sit there and hope that one day your partner will come and confess or else take the control in your hand and get into the details. There are times when such insecurities even stem from your own over thinking. You can end up spoiling relations in such cases, so in order to avoid such a situation and to clear out your doubts; it becomes extremely essential to find out the real reason. How do you do that? Well, we need not worry about that because our smart phones with their smart applications handle the rest. All you need is a smart phone whether Android or iOS in order to spy. Spying need not necessarily on your partner, but it can be done on your employee to check if he/she is not doing any fraudulent activities or even on your child, to keep a track of their whereabouts.

To ease the already difficult situation for you, we are listing down a few apps to catch a cheater that can be of great help in such cases.

  1. Phonty: “One lie is enough to question all truths”. Phonty strongly believes in this and abides by it. This app is rated one of the best apps to keep a check on a person that you want by ensuring full secrecy of your information. Its features include monitoring messages, listening and recording phone calls, getting full access to email and SMS of the tracked device, listen to phone’s surrounding, keep a track on the location history and get to know all the passwords and codes to important sites and links. In short, it is your personal spy but in the virtual form with amazing features and no chances of any error with the kind of information it provides you. You can completely rely on the kind of work this app does for you.


  1. TeenSafe: It won’t be difficult to guess what it is exactly used for. This app is particularly designed for parents who are constantly worried about their teenage children and wants to have full access to information as to where are they, with who are they and what are they doing. This app allows you to exactly find out this information because it allows monitoring activities like tracking incoming and outgoing calls, deleted messages, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts and even GPS tracking features. This has a free trial and paid version as well. You can always try and see if it works for you and then purchase it accordingly.


  1. mSpy: Yes, we have a heard a lot about this app and it never fails to amaze us. This app is currently available for both Android and iOS including tables, smart phones, iPads and other equipments. Apart from the regular tracking features like tracking deleted messages, access to social media accounts and get information on passwords, this app extends its services to track bookmarks, browser history and block sites. So this app automatically has an edge over other apps with the kind of services it provides.


  1. Spy Camera OS: This app makes you feel like a detective in charge of spying. Quite literally! This app allows you to capture photographs secretly in a very smart way through an inconspicuous camera so that people wouldn’t notice if they are being clicked or no. It disables any sound and flash options while capturing. It provides with options like burst shots, auto shot with delay settings, face detection auto shot, hidden folder etc.
  2. Automatic Call Recorder: This app increases the efficiency of your spying to another level. It helps you record conversations if you happen to make or receive any calls. It has a unique feature of recording conversations between speakers and also that of the surrounding noises of the device in which it is installed. It provides you with high-quality audios which can serve as a full proof that can be used against a cheating partner.

We have listed down some of the quirkiest apps of all times to keep you updated with the kind of features available. To use all the above-stated apps, all you have to do is have a smart phone, download the app in your and the person in target’s phone, enter your information and get going. You will soon receive all the information required on your email ID which can be enough evidence to catch hold of a cheating partner.


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