7 Things You Didn’t Know About Video Games


The world of video games industry is full of surprises and things you would never have expected. Some of these things are historical curiosities, and others are interesting things that are happening in the industry right now. If you have a love of games and gaming, you should definitely make an effort to learn as much as you can about it. And that’s what you can do right now by reading on!


  1. If You Were Born in 1983, You’re More Likely to be Called Mario…


1983 was the year in which Mario starting making waves in the first Mario Bros. game. For that very reason, gamer parents decided, en masse, to start naming their kids Mario, meaning if you were born in 1883, you have a higher chance that most of being called Mario.


  1. But Mario Was Originally Called Jump Man


However, not even Mario was called Mario to begin with. Originally, when he first appeared on the Donkey Kong arcade game in the late 1970s, Marion was known simply as Jump Man. On top of that, he wasn’t even a plumber; he was a carpenter aiming to save the damsel in distress from Kong.


  1. Video Games Can Correct Sight Problems


There are many studies that espouse the virtues of gaming and how it can help people with disabilities or mental health difficulties. But one issue that not so many people realise is that video games have been proven to correct deterioration in eyesight among some people.


  1. Some Games Install Files That Look Like Viruses


If you’re a PC gamer, you’re going to be installing a lot of gaming software on your PC. And that’s one of the reasons why so many PC gamers worry about having viruses installed on their PCs. There are sites that answer questions like what is vulkan tuntimes libraries. That’s important because some things that look like viruses but actually aren’t.

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  1. Gamers Are Often Better at Teamwork


Gamers tend to have to work alongside other people to complete objectives when they’re playing games. It’s a big part of many big online games, and this talent can also translate to the real world. It’s why many games are so good at working alongside other people in all kinds of scenarios.


  1. A Mass Grave of E.T. Games Was Made After Poor Sales


E.T. certainly wasn’t the best game that ever appeared on an Atari console, but it was actually so bad that the company eventually buried millions of copies in the ground due to poor sales. Who knew the world hated E.T. the Extra Terrestrial so much?


  1. Your Calculator is More Powerful Than an Original Commodore 64


Finally, we come to that wonderful and terrible console called the Commodore 64. Your calculator, if you have one, is more powerful than the console, and that’s a fact that still blows my mind.

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The video games industry is longer and more complicated than your average modern-day Xbox player might imagine. But it’s only getting more interesting by the day as we move into new areas, such as augmented and virtual reality gaming. The future’s bright!


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