Ageing In Place: Allowing Your Parent To Grow Old At Home



When your parent ages, you will understandably be concerned about their welfare. Particularly when they are suffering from any kind of health condition, you may decide to transition them

into a nursing home for your peace of mind. This, of course, can be expensive, and it may be against your parent’s wishes. Perhaps allowing them to stay at home is the better option. While this may not be practical in all cases, you should still consider the reasons why your parent should be allowed to live at home as long as possible, before the care home does become the answer.


These are just some of the reasons why your parent may be better off in their own home.


  1. Your parent doesn’t need to be alone


A common fear is leaving a parent alone, especially if they have difficulty with mobility or specific medical needs. However, there are solutions. Home care nurses will make daily visits throughout the day to make sure your parent is well, and this great senior companion program is perfect for both your parent’s health and social needs. You may not have the time to be with your parent all the time, but these caring agencies will provide you with some peace of mind.


  1. Safety measures can be put in place


There are many ways in which safety can be promoted within your parent’s home. The addition of bathroom rails, stair lifts, and health alarm systems, are just some of the ways your parent’s house can be made safe. Wearable health monitors and tracking devices will also alert you and the emergency services should an accident or fall take place, and your parent can use them if they feel in any way unsafe or unwell.


  1. There are resources available


We have briefly mentioned nursing services, but there are other resources at your parent’s disposal. This includes food delivery, gardening, and cleaning services. You will need to vet the people you hire, of course, as you do need to ensure your parent’s welfare. However, look at the charitable organisations near you, and find out how they can make your life, and your parent’s life, easier.


  1. It maintains your parent’s independence


The hardest part about getting older is losing your independence. This is a fear your parents will understandably have, and while many care homes promote some independence, it is not the same as being at home. Allowing them to remain in their own accommodation, your parent will have the familiarity of their environment, and the confidence to live a normal a life as possible. This is bound to have a positive effect on their emotional and mental state too.


  1. It’s your parents choice


There will be times in all our lives when our ability to choose for ourselves is taken away from us. However, provided your parent isn’t in need of intensive health care, and isn’t showing possible signs of dementia, they should have the right to choose for themselves. As the child, you may think you know what’s best for your parent, but imagine if the roles were reversed. How would you feel? If your parent can live at home for longer, and it is what they have asked for, use the other services mentioned, and be loyal to your parent’s wishes.




There are tough decisions to make when your parent reaches a senior age, but consider the above, and weigh up the options carefully. You care and love for your parent, so whatever is decided, make sure it is a decision that suits everybody in the situation.


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