Finding the Perfect Balance Between Life and Working from Home


We all want to have a life outside of our careers, however, finding that balance between the two can be very challenging. Most people work an average of 45 hours a week and some 50+ hours. Not many people take personal time off and those that get vacations only use a week once a year. Sometimes working in an office outside the home, you may end up taking some work home with you and not having a lot of personal time for yourself. It is always important to give yourself some space between working whether it be from home or in the office as it is essential for us to be healthy. Overworking yourself damages us psychically and mentally. The mind needs time to regain focus which helps you to become more productive with work.

One quote which I absolutely love and think is so true is “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” (Dolly Parton)

Nothing is wrong with making a living as we all know it is paramount to work, but not do it at the expense of your health and your relationships.

For the work at home these are some tips to help you find that balance between work and life. The stat below comes from Furniture at Work:

The very first thing I would make sure is having a comfortable office space. Having the perfect furniture at work environment is going to allow you to want to be in your office most the day. Without a comfortable workspace, it can slow you down and make it an uncomfortable setting for you.’

Creating Routines – Creating a routine is essential to be organized. You need organization in your work life and personal life as well. You may have children and kids may have dance recital or football after school. You will need to make calendars and use them so the family is up to date on what is coming up and so forth. With no organization, things can become hectic very fast and you will lose control over it.

Get Dressed Every Day – I know it sounds comfortable being able to work in your pajamas however if you were working outside the home you would have to get dressed each day. If you get dressed as if you were leaving the home, it may help with motivation and productivity.

Use Office For Work Only – Using your office for work will help you separate work and life. Nothing wrong with a little separation as it will be there when you are ready to tackle your work.

Take a scheduled day off – However it works for your schedule, taking a day off monthly, weekly, every two weeks, etc. where you can recharge your mind either by watching a movie, reading a book you had your eye on, going for coffee with a good friend, or just simply relaxing is not only great for the mind but also for the soul.

Try to minimize distractions – It is so easy to get distracted by loud noises or other things in our daily lives, but working from home we need to make sure those every day things do not distract us from getting our work done. make sure the TV is not on and if it is to see if it can be adjusted so it isn’t a distraction to you. Laundry and other tasks can always wait until you are finished with work so try to keep your mind clear of “I need to get laundry started” “I need to figure out what to make for dinner” Try to not get up and walk around the house other than to use the bathroom as that can make you unfocused and harder to go back to work. (trust me been there!)

Know when to end!- The most important is to know when to stop and put it away for the day/night. This is where you have to balance between work and life. Knowing when to stop will allow you to unwind for the day and just focus on your family and friends. Go put that laundry on, make dinner, get cozy under a warm blanket near the fire. Sit with your significant other/husband and talk about how each of you is feeling or doing.




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