Fixing Your Home’s Frontage: 3 Fabulous Suggestions

Your home could be the most luxurious, clean, and stylish place in the world, but if the front of the house doesn’t reflect this, no one will have any idea from the outside! In fact, the front of your home is the very first thing people when they are visiting and is the something that can make or break a first impression. That is why it’s so important to have a good frontage! Read on to find out how.

Spick and span

To make your home look, it’s best it is vital that you keep the frontage spick and span. For painted properties that means giving them a new lick of paint yearly. For bare brick or stone properties, it’s a little more difficult and can mean that you need to have the front of the house sandblasted. This is a process where the top layer of brick is removed to reveal a new clean layer underneath, in a similar fashion to a chemical peel for the face!

Of course, if you have other finishes on the front of your home such as wooden panels, or rendering you also need to keep an eye on how they are weathering and repair them when necessary too. Otherwise, they can negatively affect that first look of the house that visitors get when they arrive.

A dramatic entrance way

Creating a dramatic entryway is a fabulous method of making your home’s frontage look its best. It acts as a focal point too, something that means even if there are a few less than perfect bits people’s focus will be drawn away from them and to this more impressive area instead.

To create a dramatic entrance way, you need to start with the right door. Heavy doors in wood are the most dramatic. Although, you can also get some UPVC doors in a more traditional style that can work as well, and are better in term of security.

Then you need to consider how you will frame the doorway. Many homeowners choose to do this with plants, shrubs, or trees. In particular, box shrubs pruned into elaborate shapes or Mexican fan palm trees either side of the door can give your place a grand and impressive look. Although, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, tubs of flowers can also brighten up the are without breaking the bank.

Gutters matter

An aspect of home frontage that people often forget about is the guttering. However, as this is something that is on every home, it is also an aspect that needs to be well maintained for the front of your house to look its best.

In short to medium term, this means regular cleaning out the gutters, so they don’t get blocked with things like leaves, and end up overflowing. A problem that can create an unsightly mess on the front of your home.

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It can also help to take the time to occasionally clean the outside of the guttering. Do this with a power washer to keep it as pristine as possible, and it will add to the overall pleasant ambiance of your home’s frontage.



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