Gift Ideas For New Homeowners



If you know someone who has just bought their first home, you might be looking to buy them something which will be helpful for their new place as well as to say congratulations on taking that first step on the property ladder. Here are some ideas for helpful gifts you can buy for new homeowners…


In the kitchen


Unless they have been lucky enough to bag some second hand appliances from family or friends, it is likely that the person you are buying for won’t have an awful lot when it comes to items for the kitchen. If you wanted to, you could always offer to buy them a toaster and kettle set, or maybe even a coffee maker if they prefer.


If you don’t want to spend quite as much, something like a mixing bowl set or measuring spoons would be a great choice, or even a small digital scale for measuring ingredients could prove a huge help. If you aren’t bothered about your gift being a surprise you could just ask them what they haven’t got yet, and gift it to them or put money towards it for them.


For the home


Although the home is a very personal place, you can still buy some little touches to help your loved one settle in to their new place. You want to avoid buying things which are either coloured or will impose a style onto the space, so don’t buy things like cushions or artwork unless you know they will like it. However, you can always buy things like candles or tealight holders to help them make the house cosy on cold evenings, and even buy a small succulent to add some life and colour to the space. They won’t need to worry about maintenance because succulents are easy to keep. Take a look on websites such as to see some really lovely homeward items you can gift them.


In the garden

If your loved one happens to buy a home with a decent outdoor space, you might want to help them out a bit when it comes to tools and planters. You could either put some money towards a lawn mower for them or even buy a few garden essentials such as secateurs, a rake, and a shovel.



One of the things that a lot of people seem to forget about when moving is to buy tools. Things like paintbrushes, screwdrivers, drills and bit and pieces for decorating. Try a place like and gift your loved one a small set of tools to get them started, it will come in handy when they are putting together furniture, painting the rooms or hanging some pictures on the walls.


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