How You Can Cool Down After Your Workouts


Intensity, chasing your goals, determination and grit are just some of the things that help you when going in for your workout. We put a lot of energy into just getting psyched up for our workouts which we know will be gruelling. We know we’re putting ourselves voluntarily through pain and mental anguish. It’s little wonder that so many people will tell themselves they’re going to get in shape, but when they hit a certain pain threshold, their motivation suddenly falls by the wayside. Sometimes we question ourselves if the pain is worth it. Yet, it’s vital to realize that pain doesn’t begin until the next day because when we’re working out our bodies are releasing chemicals to help us cope with the pain. The morning after is when our muscles are throbbing, and chronic pain is moving around in our bodies freely. This can be avoided with a great cool down routine after the workout.

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Hot baths, cold showers


Fresh, clean blood is what our muscles are crying out for during and after exercising. Fresh blood is stored in the spleen, and it’s also where old cells are transported to eventually die and be flushed out of the system. Rather than a hot shower that the only superficial, draw yourself a hot bath. Soak in the tub for 20-30 minutes to get the full benefit. Blood rushes to the surface of your skin with the main aim of releasing heat from your body. The secondary function is that the blood becomes thinner and this transported around your veins and arteries with a boost of fluidity. After you have bathed, it’s now important to close your pores as quickly as possible dirt and oil can’t brew an infection. A quick burst from the shower of cold water will do the trick. Only do this for a few seconds.

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Self-analysis in a calm state


We all do it when we’re working out, grunting and panting that is. We make voluntary and involuntary noises when we’re pushing ourselves to and over the limit. Squeezing out that last rep, running that extra hundred meters or that one last sit up; we force our bodies to obey the stress. Entering into a mental state that’s one of focus yet calmness is difficult to do even when you’re heart rate isn’t high immediately after a workout. But listening to the advice given by Ilchi Lee who is a Tao energy traditionalist you may be surprised how easy it can be. Mixing in a bit of yoga, he teaches the importance of listening to your inner voice. Learning to accept what you really want and be able to praise your daily efforts aimed toward self-improvement is a much needed positive force in life. We all make mistakes and doubt ourselves. We may hesitate to recognize the hard work we put into our workout which can lead to never being able to look in the mirror and feel happy.


It really depends on what kind of person you. You might not need a cool down period for your body because you’re a veteran of the gym. But everyone needs that little extra help to refocus the mind, contemplate your achievements and resilience which you can use to further motivate yourself.

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