Organisation Revelations: Turn Your Room into Storage Heaven


Too much stuff, not enough space? I think just about everyone can relate to this dilemma. Regardless of the size of our home, it seems we will always find ways to fill it- and when you are constantly rummaging for the things you need it can get stressful. If you’ve had enough of looking at chaos and know something needs to change- here are some of the ways you can turn your bedroom into an organised haven.

Declutter First

First of all, you don’t want to be spending money on storage solutions and time organising things that you just have no use for. Throw away anything that you simply don’t use anymore, get three big boxes and label them ‘bin’ ‘donate’ and ‘give to friends’ as it can make it easier to make decisions. Go through all items of clothing, removing anything that’s scruffy and in holes, doesn’t fit or is out of style. Donate books that you’ve read and probably won’t read again, old bedding that no longer matches your colour scheme and anything else that you have in your room.


Get Built in Storage

Built in storage is far more effective than single pieces, as it can be fitted from floor to ceiling. It can be made as deep or shallow as you like and can be fitted around all kinds of awkward nooks and crannies so ideal for any room. Because the doors slide rather than open outwards, you need less space in the room too so especially great if you have a smaller bedroom. Fitted wardrobes aren’t cheap as they are custom made, but a great investment in any home. If you look into loans no credit check then you can raise the cash instantly and spread the cost over a number of months. Built in wardrobes can be customised to include drawers, hanging rails, shoe storage, tie racks, jewellery organisation and much more. Have a look at the items you use most and what would work best for you.

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Get Organising

Things like drawer dividers will keep drawers neat, and baskets, pots and bins can store groups of items on the shelves inside. Spend time organising all of your items into the correct places, you then know exactly where anything is when you need it and it will save you both time and stress. Other ways you can organise is by utilising under the bed, use this kind of storage for things like out of season clothes and footwear that you don’t need access to every day. Instead you can switch it out twice a year and your wardrobe isn’t cluttered with items you won’t wear that season. Hooks on the backs of doors and storage ottomans are also useful. These double up as a seat for sitting down and getting ready, but with the benefit if storage space inside.


Will you be sorting out your room for good in the near future? How do you plan on keeping it organised?


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