Organising A Wedding? Get These 3 Things Out Of The Way ASAP

If you are lucky enough to be getting married within the foreseeable future, then you might have already started some minor preparations, or at least started thinking about them. You might have also noticed that there are quite a few things to consider and that organising a whole wedding can prove to be quite the arduous task, and a generally time-consuming ordeal. You can go ahead and plan all the photographers, the catering, the meals and the drinks all you want, but the truth is that there are only three things which are of major importance to the whole wedding event. Namely, the date and location, and the guest list. Now, these may seem indeed basic, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. These are the absolute necessities for properly organising the event, and before you get those out of the way, everything else might as well be irrelevant for now, or purely theoretical. So, let’s look at those areas in some detail, and see how you could get the essentials sorted in time.

The time and location

What’s an event without a venue? A house party. What’s an event without a date? It does not exist. So unless you want to either host your wedding in your flat, or not at all, you better get around to sorting these out ASAP. A date is important not only for you, but for your guests, much like the location. If you decided to host it somewhere non-local, in a more exotic location perhaps, it might prove to be difficult to travel there for some.  Not everyone can just hop out of work and travel somewhere for a wedding, some people need to book their holidays months and months in advance in order to get some reasonable time off. As for the time of the celebration itself, there are several things to consider. Getting married in the summer is a popular choice for obvious reasons, but because of that it can often prove to be rather pricey, and do you really want to spend most of your budget on renting out a venue rather than getting married a few months sooner or later? Getting married out of season can prove it be a major money-saver in this case, and unless you are dead set for a certain date, it is most definitely worth considering.

Sorting out the guest list


Making a guest list in the first place is one thing, making the invitations and sending them out is another thing altogether. Once you’ve decided on some fancy pocketfold wedding invitations, you need to make sure everyone responds in time. Chasing up everyone and making it seem like you are grovelling at people’s feet just so that they attend your event might seem like a tedious thing, and you would be absolutely right. It is absolutely tedious, but that is the nature of organising anything with a decent amount of people. Try to get the final numbers for the guest list as soon as possible so that you can start ordering and preparing an appropriate amount of space, seating, food and drinks.



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