Take Paws & Look For These Arthritis Signs In Your Dog


Having a dog as part of the family from their puppy days is a great way to introduce responsibility and love. Your children can grow up playing, training and learning with their pup and you can watch powerful bonds unfold in front of you. When your children are growing up, you watch their changes from a distance and you support them when they need you to. While that is happening, are you watching your dog?

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Dogs grow up, just like our children do. The thing is, dogs age faster than we do. So, that puppy that you bought when your children were toddlers will not be a young dog by the time they are starting middle school. Your children are growing, and you need to watch your dog age, too, because if you don’t you could miss the signs of arthritis. It’s one of the most common ailments in older dogs, and arthritis is as painful for your dog as it would be for you. Keeping your eye out for changes that could be indicative of arthritis is so important, because with those changes being caught early on, you could help your dog faster. It’s easy to offer your dog CBD dog biscuits to cope with their pain, but you need to know the extent of the issue first. We’ve put together some signs that you need to watch for so that you know what you are dealing with.

Limping. It’s one of the first things you will notice with your dog, but limping during a walk is a very good sign that there is something up with the joints of your animal. A limp is always worse when they first get up, but that doesn’t mean they’re not in pain during the day.

Slow Movement. If you are used to a rambunctious dog who, all of a sudden, needs to pause before he moves, you should be suspicious of arthritis. They may suddenly need carrying up stairs or lifting into the car, so contact your vet and get an appointment for your pet to be assessed.

Sleepy. A dog with arthritis sleeps more because they tire far more easily than before. It can take a lot of effort for a pet who is in pain to do their usual activity, so don’t be surprised if they want to spend more of their time resting than running.

Irritability. A pet who is in pain can become snappy and short tempered. Your previously even-tempered animal may not like being handled in the usual way because of the pain they are in. Watch out for it though, because a dog snapping at a child who isn’t aware of their pain could be devastating.

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Arthritis in dogs cannot be cured, but the pain can be managed through medication and massage. Deciding the next steps for your dog will be something that you need to discuss with your veterinarian, so don’t put your dog out to pasture just yet. Just make adjustments to their routine to take into consideration their pain.

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