The Best Cell Phones For The Whole Family


Cell phones are one of the best inventions in modern times. To actually have the means to call and text people while you’re on the move is absolutely essential. We take them for granted, but we’d soon appreciate them more if they left.


Staying on the topic of cell phones, it’s so useful when everyone in your family has one. It means you can stay in contact with each other, and it could also pave the way for a family plan that saves money. So, what are the best cell phones for the whole family? Take a look at these options down below:


For Young Children

How old should your child be before their first cell phone? This is a debate for the ages, but I think if your child is around 11/12 then they’re ready. Here, you don’t want to buy them anything super expensive or fancy at all. The key is buying phones that look like modern designs but are way cheaper and don’t come with crazy features. The Moto G5 and Samsung A3 both get good reviews as ‘kids phones’. They have big touchscreens and look the part, but they’re dumbed down versions of the high-end phones, which is exactly what you’re looking for.



For Elderly Parents

Your elderly parents are often the hardest people to buy cell phones for because they don’t really get the technology. However, they still need a cell phone to call you on and receive texts wherever they are. Here, your best bet is to look at some large cell phones for seniors, preferably ones with big button keypads too. The chances are they have no need for a fancy iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, so you can save a lot of money by just getting them something simple that serves the basic purpose of a cell phone; to make/receive calls and texts. Loads of companies out there like Nokia and Snapfon are creating phones that look like old-school devices, but have better specs and processing so they last longer and are faster. These are better to buy that proper old phones.


For Older Children

When your children enter their late teens, then they’ll start wanting all the latest and greatest cell phones. Now, if you’re wealthy enough – and your children have proven trustworthy by looking after their previous phones – then you could get them something on the higher end of the scale. An iPhone 8 would be a good choice or something slightly cheaper like the Google Pixel 2. These phones have all the features they could need, meaning they’ll stay entertained for hours.


For You

Of course, you can’t forget about yourself now can you? What phone is perfect for a parent like you? Well, it mainly comes down to personal preference. You could have a phone like your child’s, or get one even better. The most expensive phones tend to be bigger ones like the Pixel 2XL, Samsung Galaxy Note series, or the new iPhone X. They have all the features you could ask for, and more!


Right, you and your entire family can now be kitted out with new cell phones. Everyone will stay connected, and nobody will complain that they don’t have one!


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