A Gorgeous Garden Needs the Perfect Patio!


Is your patio looking a little worse for wear? Rotten decking, cracked slabs and tonnes of weeds will never make your garden feel like an inviting space to sit. With spring on the way, why not start thinking of ways you can give it an upgrade, and get ready for some warm weather entertaining?!

Decide on the Surface

First things first, what kind of patio do you want? You could go with paving slabs or decking, or even DIY a little pea gravel patio on a budget without much hassle. This largely depends on your budget and ability when it comes to work like this, otherwise you could call in the professionals. There are lots of design ideas on sites like Pinterest, so it’s well worth spending some time deciding what you want and what will work best in your space before you take the plunge.

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The main purpose of a patio is, of course, to have somewhere to sit, and so finding the right table and chairs for your needs is key. How about a picnic bench, or maybe a large table and chairs with a parasol would suit you better? For more of an informal dining area, outdoor sofas with a coffee table are ultra comfortable. Bear in mind how many family members usually come and sit outdoors with you, or how many guests you invite when you have get-togethers in the garden. You could always purchase some foldaway chairs and keep these in the shed for additional seating if you have a larger do.


Lighting and Temperature

If you entertain guests and parties tend to stretch on through to the evening, or you just like to sit outside after work when it’s dark then lighting and heating/ cooling on the patio will both be needed to keep guests comfortable. Instead of a floodlight that will keep going off unless you’re stood in the right stop, go with a standard outdoor light that you can switch on and that stays. Make sure it’s bright enough so that everyone can see properly when the sun goes down! Heating or cooling will depend on whereabouts you are in the world. Sites like www.modernfanoutlet.com have outdoor ceiling fans that can be nice and breezy if you’re in a tropical climate. If it tends to get cooler at night where you are then an outdoor heater will be useful instead. That way you can enjoy drinks or hot chocolate while you’re sat outdoors without feeling too warm or cold.



Finally, you want your patio to look pretty! Spring is around the corner and lots of flowers will be coming back into bloom. Fill pots and hanging baskets with your favorite flowers and you can enjoy them while you’re sat outside. Giving the garden a general clean and tidy will give you the best view from your patio, so mow the lawn, prune large bushes and move things like shoes, bikes, and tools out of the garden to where they should be.


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