How To Get Your Craft Business Off The Ground



Crafting is one of the most common hobbies to have, and it can be a profitable venture for many. It might not be something that can pay the bills straight away, or something that you ever want to take full time, but it can earn you a nice bit of money if you let it. But starting any business takes time and effort to get it off the ground, and unless you have a big enough audience, or enough spare money to work without making even, then you are going to need to work fast to make the money you need to fund your new venture. Start up costs will always come out of your pocket, but the sooner you can get your business moving and selling, the sooner you can patch up the loss.



There are so many e-commerce stores that allow different people to sell their wares through the site.,, and are just a few of them. The idea is that you build an online profile on the e-commerce site and advertise your items on the host site. It does mean that the host site takes a percentage of your sales or charges a small advertising fee. With time and good customer service you will be able to build up a good reputation through the site; if you don’t have good reviews then people are less likely to trust you as a seller, make sure that you are prompt with delivery and have good customer services.


Door to Door


Another great way to sell and raise awareness for your product is to actually do a door to door service. You might feel like this is quite an old-fashioned way of selling products, but it can be so successful which is why it is still used today; look at might be a service you consider, as going door to door yourself can be a time-consuming task that you simply can’t fit into your busy life. For many people who have a part-time crafting business, their spare time is spent creating the products, so than making the time to go door to door might just take away from that precious time.




Rather than selling through another site, you might want to look into setting up your own website. An e-commerce site can be pretty simple to create – you can even follow tutorials online for a DIY site like this example which allows you to turn any basic WordPress theme into a functioning e-commerce site. Building a website is great as the only fee you need to make is the fee for your domain name. There is the option of a free URL but it does include the host site’s signature.




A great way to further your venture without soldering all the costs is to collaborate with another crafter. You will halve the costs as well as the responsibility. But you will also need to make sure that whoever you are going into business with is as committed as you are, otherwise, you will end up doing everything yourself, plus the reviews for your partner’s items, delivery time and customer service will select on you.

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