Light, Bright and Just Right: A Fabulous Fish Tank Transformation


Your little swimming buddies greet you with a friendly face as you sprinkle their food in the tank each morning. Their colorful tails swish with delight as they fill their hungry bellies and wriggle up to the top of the water as they blow bubbles at you excitedly. You want your scaly pets to feel happy and comfortable in their crystal clear home, but how do you know they like their watery environment? They need a place to live which has a rainbow of fun, fresh water and safe hiding places to keep them occupied. Whether you’ve had your fish for a long time or they are a relatively new pet, you need to make sure their aquarium is fit for a fishy king.

Wonderful Water

One of the most important things to get right in your fish tank is the water. This is essentially what allows your fish to move, grown and live peacefully day to day. You need to make sure you keep the water at the optimum temperature for the breed you are keeping. Goldfish are lower maintenance, whereas tropical fish will require quite specific water temperatures. Be sure to invest in a special thermometer to keep track. As well as monitoring the temperature fluctuations you might want to invest in an auto top off system, which helps maintain accurate water levels in your fish tank. Saltwater aquariums lose a certain degree of water every day which means the levels of salt can get dangerously high for your fish. This device will help keep the balance and stop your fish from getting sick.



Brightly colored rocks and pebbles are the keys to brightening up your aquarium. If you are on a budget you can easily pick up some rocks from the outdoors and decorate them yourself, but be sure that they are safe and non-toxic. Dip them in chlorine to kill any dangerous substances so that they remain harmless to your fish. A little gravel in the bottom of the tank provides a sturdy place to plug larger rocks and caves for your fish to weave in and out of. Make sure you don’t place any larger or unstable rocks in the tank that could fall and harm your fish.

Terrific Toys

Your fish need toys to play with just like little kids do! Head to your local store and pick out some underwater themed goodies for them to play with. Don’t use metal toys as they will rust in the water; plastic or rubber materials are the best things to use as they will last longer.

Gorgeous Greenery

An inexpensive way to add some elegance to your fish tank is by investing in some attractive green plants. A pet store will be able to provide you will the right kind for your specific fish. With the correct care and attention, some plants like java fern can grow into an authentic jungle, giving your fish a fun place to hide and swim through.

So add a splash of color and a hint of fun to your fish tank. Not only will your fish thank you but you’ll have a bright and striking feature in your home.


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