The Clean Queen – Mom’s Masterclass In Maintaining A Happy Home



There’s no doubt that a clean home is a happy home, but staying on top of this task isn’t easy. After all, you are faced with a whole host of other life commitments while you’d rather spend your free time with the family. Therefore, finding a winning formula so that those cleaning duties no longer rule your world is essential.


Embrace these simple tricks below, and you should see noticeable differences almost immediately. Better still, those impacts should last a lifetime. Here’s all you need to know.


Go Minimalist


Many homeowners will wrongly assume that eating up the floor space will make cleaning harder. In truth, having display cabinets and other features will only make it more difficult. Besides, you can use shelving to great effect for those functions.


It’s certainly easier to clean a bigger floor space while the perception of a bigger space can only work wonders for your happiness around the home too. Ultimately, having more room to enjoy can only be a positive. For the sake of your finances, time, and opportunities around the property, this is a great place to start.


Choose The Right Materials


Apart from selecting a suitable layout without loads of hidden spaces to clean, you must pick the right materials. Some items require more maintenance than others, not only from a cleaning perspective. Sticking to simple materials is often the best solution.



There are many benefits of choosing wood, and the natural aesthetics certainly aid to the vibe of a clean home. Meanwhile, the process of cleaning those tables is very easy too. The fact that they offer great sturdiness and longevity is simply a bonus. For immediate and long-term incentives, you won’t go far wrong with this selection. While your home won’t be exclusive to wood, keeping a focus on it will work wonders.


Let Technology Help


Cleaning jobs do take up a lot of your spare time, especially when you take the manual approach. Thankfully, this is one area where modern technology has evolved at a rapid rate. Frankly, if this support is there, you’d be a fool not to take it.


Kitchen appliances like dishwashers are wonderful additions. Meanwhile, most families will also have clothes washing machines. In recent times, automatic floor cleaning materials have entered the market too. This iRobot Roomba comparison from Parenting Pod will help you make a winning choice regarding the right device for you. When you embrace all of those devices together, the home will stay cleaner, and you’ll save crucial hours each week. Perfect.


Dedicate A Messy Space


It would be very naïve to think that the family home can stay clean and tidy at all times. The home is to be lived in, and kids will make a mess. Nonetheless, that doesn’t change your desire for a tidy place. Keeping those issues contained in one or two rooms can make a telling difference.


If your home is blessed with a guest room, this is the perfect spot for a design transformation. Turn it into a playroom so that the kids can play games and do their art. Aside from leaving the rest of the house clean, this lets them complete projects over a period of time. Whether it’s a puzzle, a drawing, or a craftwork doesn’t matter. This space is a great asset for all the family.



Utilise Storage


The modern family holds a lot of stuff. Therefore, storage facilities need to be both ample and inconspicuous. When items that aren’t being used are hidden away, the entire home will look cleaner and happier.


Ottomans can be a great option. Likewise, kids can sleep in beds that have storage from MrsFlatPack. Meanwhile, installing hooks behind doors or finding space under the stairs can work wonders for the overall vibe. On a separate note, it’s worth going paperless with various household bills. When your home is blessed with a sense of good organization, staying in control is easy.


Embrace Nature


It may sound simplistic, but brightening up the home with more natural light can work wonders. From placing mirrors in a strategic manner to dressing the windows well, those small steps bring big impacts.


Other ideas include getting houseplants or using natural prints. The former will actively boost the air quality too, and that sense of smell will make the whole home feel fresher and cleaner. This combo of improved atmosphere and cleanliness can transform your feelings towards the entire home. Best of all, the maintenance work is so minimal that you’ll save valuable time I the process.


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