The Right Way To Care For Your Ears



Our ears are one of the organs of our body which is responsible for our sense of hearing. It is one of the most important senses we have, and many of us couldn’t imagine life without it. The idea of not being able to hear our partners voice, listen to our favourite music or listen to the birds singing is one which no one wants to think about.

However, it is a fact that if we do not look after our ears when we are younger, it can affect us in a huge way as we grow older. If you want to look after your hearing and avoid having a hearing aid fitting this year, take a look at these tips and start to change the way you treat your ears.


  1. Use earplugs


During your work and leisure, you may be surrounded by loud noises which can damage the inner ear and even burst your eardrum. If you are always around concerts, shows, lawnmowers, construction sites, chainsaws or other loud noises, you may want to invest in a pair of earplugs. They are the way to find and will protect your ears from harsh vibrations which can damage them.



  1. Lower the volume


Although it might not have the same effect, it is always worth turning down the volume on your TV or radio when listening to music or watching a film. You can still enjoy your sound, just be aware of how loud they are. If you want to watch a film at home and make it feel like a cinema, stick to the 60/60 rule. You can put the volume above 60% for 60 minutes a day. Of course, films are usually longer than this but it is a general guideline to follow.

3. Let your ears recover


Your ears are like any muscle in the body, they need time to relax and recover after being around stress for a long period. Make sure that you give your ears a few hours each day in relative quiet. This will allow your ears to repair and make sure that you do not lose your ability to hear.



  1. Bin the Q-tips

    the most common way for people to wash out their ears is by sticking a Q-Tip in there and twisting it around. Although you will notice earwax coming out of your ears when you do this, you are actually making your hearing worse. By shoving a cotton bud into your ear, you are actually pushing the wax in even further. This will block your ear canal and stop you from being able to hear. When washing your ears, you can use a damp towel to wipe around the canal gently. To remove deep-rooted wax you need to use an ear wax treatment which will soften it and let it out. Go to your local doctors if you need some advice on the best way to clear wax, and they can give you something to sort out the problem.


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