The Things Preventing You from Getting Pregnant


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Many women experience difficulties when trying to conceive. The thing is, getting pregnant is about much more than just sex alone, and there are a lot of factors, some of which you might not suspect, that can prevent you from conceiving.


If you’ve been trying for a while without success, it’s important to try and get to the bottom of things as soon as possible. So, check out these common factors that can prevent pregnancy now:


The Frequency of Sex


Most couples realize that too little sex could prevent them from conceiving, but did you know that too much sex can also be a problem? If you have sex too much, then it can basically lead to burnout, which can reduce interest in sex and make it harder for you both to make a baby. So, reassess how often you have sex and try to strike a balance.


Having Sex at the Wrong Time


Do you know when you’re ovulating? Do you always have sex during this time? If not, it’s time to pay a visit to You can use their calculator to work out when you are most fertile so that you can plan your babymaking schedule accordingly.




Before you head over to and start looking into the IVF process, think very carefully about your mental wellbeing. Have you been feeling stressed or depressed recently? Have you been focusing so much on trying to get pregnant that you’ve damaged the delicate balance between good and bad stress in your life? If so, it could be that you’re unwittingly sabotaging your own efforts because being stressed can throw your hormones seriously out of whack, which makes getting pregnant pretty tough!


Using the Bathroom Too Soon

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If you get up, head to the bathroom and clean up immediately after sex, then you could be preventing pregnancy without realizing it. You see, you need to give sperm time to reach your eggs and if you are too quick to get up and get clean, this could stop it in its tracks. Stay put for a while longer and see what happens.


Wearing Tight Underwear


Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re wearing underwear that is too tight, it could be causing problems to your reproductive parts, which could be making it harder for you to get pregnant. Try to change it up by wearing looser garments for a while, even if they don’t look quite as good.


Not Getting Enough Sleep


Sleep is so important for so many reasons. It allows the body to repair itself and other organs to function at their best, so if you don’t get enough sleep, you could be throwing your reproductive hormones out of whack, increasing your stress levels which will also do that, and even increasing your chances of getting pregnant-blocking infections.


If any of these things apply to you, try to make changes and see if things start to happen. If you still struggle to conceive, it might be time to see a fertility specialist who will be able to investigate the problem very thoroughly.



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