Who Wood Have Known? 7 Advantages To Using Wood In Your Home

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Wood may be one of the oldest materials, but it’s also one of the most reliable. Here are just five advantages to using timber in your home over other materials.




Harvesting wood does involve having to cut down trees, but nowadays most of this wood comes from renewable sources in which new trees are replanted in order to replace old ones. Compared to the production of wood and plastic, the production of wooden furniture and masonry releases few carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In fact, wood can help tackle climate change by soaking up carbon dioxide. Wood is also easy to recycle and more biodegradable than other materials.




Wood is also extremely durable. When applied with a finish it can last hundreds of years. Certain woods like pine and bamboo are also extremely strong structurally. These woods have a much better strength to weight ratio than steel and are far better under compression than concrete making them popular building materials (pine beams and joists are favoured across the world).




Wood is also extremely versatile. It can be incorporated into every décor style imaginable. There are handmade and traditional wooden furniture styles out there such as Amish furniture and there are modern and minimalist designs such as laminated Swedish furniture. Almost everything can be built from wood or at the very least wood panelled.


Easy construction


On top of being versatile, wood is also much easier to build with than other materials. Carpentry requires much less complex machinery and equipment than metalwork or stonework. Wooden buildings are also much easier to construct as the beams and joists can be prepared off-site, whilst steel and concrete need to be used on site.




Compared to many other materials, wood is also a great insulator. This is due to containing natural air pockets with prevent heat from being lost. A wooden structure therefore could save you money on your heating bill.  


Health benefits


There have been a number of health benefits associated with wood. Psychologically it is thought to have more calming properties than many man-made materials, perhaps due to the idea that it feels more natural. Studies have found that an indoor environment containing lots of wood can help workers to be more productive, students to learn better and patients to heal faster.




Wood is also much cheaper than other materials. There are woods out there such as mahogany, ebony and sandalwood that are more expensive, but this is more to do with their aesthetic value than their structural properties. Some of the best woods for crafting with are pine and beech, both of which are very affordable. There are also composite woods such as MDF, chipboard and plywood that are even cheaper. Most budget wood furniture is made out of these materials.


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