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The best part about being an adult is that we get to decide what to do and how to do it. That means, we can organize our lives however we want and if we want. Yet, we’ve found that people who have organizational skills do seem to have a less hectic time with their day.


We focused in on these people and found the 8 best organization tips for everyday life they have for others. From sleeping to working, to money, to fun and to sleeping again, these people seem to have unlocked the mystery of work-life balance and make it look tidy and neat. This is what they have to say:


Sleep well. One of the main things we can do to start our day right, is get a great night of sleep. Waking up achy is no joke, especially when it comes to back pain. Sleeping well enables people to get up and be ready for the day.


Relax about money. Turns out, organized people don’t think that “money is the root of all evil.” In fact, they love money so much, they have all their bills scheduled and know when and how much is coming in and out of the bank. If money is an object right now, there are plenty of resources available for personal loans and getting your money under control. Remember, however, that adding debt to debt isn’t smart, unless you have a plan as to how to pay it back.

Keep time on your side. Organized people respect time. Remember those things we used to wear on your wrists before smart phones? Organized people still wear them. Any sort of time piece that is meant for time-telling only helps keep its corresponding human on task. Looking at your phone for time is great, but we can get easily distracted by that text message or social media notification. Getting a watch is a smart way to keep organized and on track.

Meal prep. One less thing organized people worry about is what they’ll eat for lunch. When able, meal prepping happens once during the week for the rest of the week. This means taking a few hours to chop veggies on your wood cutting board, get meats ready, wash containers and putting everything in the fridge for the grab-and-go lunch. The best part about this lunch? It saves you money because you won’t’ have to eat out, and it saves you time because it’s already ready for you.

Have fun. Organized people don’t have to be boring. They still have fun in some way, shape or form, whether it’s by playing a game on their phone, online, or by taking a walk outside. They’re fully aware of the fact that having fun is part of life and they have it, even if they have to schedule it in.


Have a business mindset. This doesn’t mean having your own business, not necessarily anyway. This means that if you treat everything as if you were going to a professional environment, you’re more prone to respect and keep an appointment time. Even if it’s going to your friend’s house for dinner, if you think of it as an appointment rather than, “oh, it’s just George,” you’ll keep the appointment and be on time. Organizing your calendar so that everything reads as appointments is a plus. You can also use outside help organizing your calendar. Plenty of companies specialize on this.


Have a base. Home is most certainly where the heart is, and also where you sleep. Having a comfortable place to come home to plays a huge factor in having peace of mind. Whether this place is a room, an apartment, or your dream home, be sure to have a place where you can go home, think, relax and reset for the next day.


Home office? This is great, but separate! Organization means separating a space in the home for work that doesn’t always (life happens) mix with your home life. It’s important to leave work where it belongs once the day shuts off.


We understand “blending” life and work, and that this is a product of life today. Still, be sure that you organize yourself so that there are times when you are absolutely human-you, not work-you; even if human-you only shows up in that super comfy bed of yours. Sleeping well is key to have a less chaotic life, and therefore enjoying the benefits of organization throughout the day.


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