Creating The Perfect Pamper Day At Home



Sometimes we all need a relaxing night in the house to pamper ourselves and feel truly relaxed. If you have a night without the kids this week or your partner is off out doing something else, it is the perfect time to spend some quality time with yourself.


To create the perfect pamper night, you will need the following things.



the key to any cosy night in the house is lots and lots of candles. You can buy scented candles from, tealights and whatever else you want and light them all over the room to save switching your main light on. It will create the perfect atmosphere for your cosy night in.


Herbal Tea

If you love the taste of herbal tea then this is the perfect time to settle down with a huge mug of the stuff. The reason herbal tea is great is because it relaxes you and also cleanses your body too. It will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


A Bath


The perfect way to totally relax is to run yourself a steamy bath, pop a LUSH bath bomb in there and have a soak for a while with your cup of tea and a good book. A bath is a great way to let your muscles relax and it also lets your mind relax too. You won’t be thinking about anything else but the book you are reading or TV show you watch.


Spa Treatments


There is of course no way you can step out and get a massage at home unless you have one of those chairs or massage pads, but there are still ways you can get that spa experience and come out of the other side feeling groomed and happy. First things first you can oil your hair and leave it feeling silky smooth. All you need is a combination of oils like argan, macadamia or coconut. Leave it in for an hour and then rinse. Now is the perfect time to put on a face mask and leave it for a while to dry. Once you have washed your hair and face you will feel refreshed and ready for the next treatments.


Lotion is a hugely important part of your beauty routine, and during your pamper night you can make the most of massaging the create into your skin to help your blood circulate and leave every inch of your hydrated.

And of course, once you have been for a wash and moisturised, what could be better than a mani pedi? We all have a nail kit somewhere in the house which we have never used, so it’s time to get that out along with your favourite nail polish and have some fun. Sure, the final result might not look exactly like it would at a real spa, but you will find painting your nails relaxing and fun. Once you are done, grab another cup of tea, get some of your favourite chocolate and watch your favourite movie!

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