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Finding a truck that fits your exact wants and needs can be a bit challenging.  This is especially true if you are looking for your first truck.  With so many different models and editions available, it can be a bit of a trick to figure out which one will be the perfect truck for your specific needs and desires.  Sunset Trucks specializes in all brands and types of trucks.

They will be able to provide you with an assessment of which model will be the best for your situation.  Also, if you are looking for that high performance and comfortable lifted truck, they have those as well!  Since they cover a variety of gently used trucks, you can get into the truck of your dreams for much lower than that of a new vehicle from a standard dealer.  Plus, most standard dealers don’t specialize in trucks and only know what the brochure tells them.

Another nice feature about Sunset Trucks is that they have vehicles with a lifetime powertrain warranty.  The systems that are covered are the engine, drive axle, and transmission/transfer case.  It also takes care of any seals and gaskets includes the previously mentioned systems.  24/7 towing coverage just in case something was to happen with the vehicle is also part of the warranty.

No matter if it’s a heavy-duty diesel, lifted, or 4×4 truck that you are looking for, Sunset Trucks has everything that you are looking for, and the knowledge of these vehicles to fit you in the perfect one.  Due to trade-ins, they also have some cars and SUVs if you decide that you aren’t ready to move into that truck quite yet.

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