Are Real Estate Agent Commissions Too High and What are the Alternatives?


We all know that you are going to be charged a handsome amount by real estate agents for selling your home or helping you find a home. The amount most of the real estate agents ask for is too high for a normal person to bare. Previously, real estate agents were the sole means for getting a lot of information about a particular property in a particular locality; however, things have drastically changed now that the use of internet has become mainstream. You can now get any information about any property whatsoever with a simple Google search.

For some assertive buyers, this serves them a reason to bypass the real estate agents. This means they can avoid paying the extra 5% or 6% commission, in some cases even more, when they are buying or selling a property. By limiting or eliminating the role of the agent, many people are able to streamline the process and save money at the same time.


Real Estate Agent Commissions – Are they Reasonable?

The fee a real estate agent will charge you for selling a house, or helping you find a house to buy varies from area to area and person to person. Some might charge you a fee as high as 10% while others may be happy with just 4% or 5%. With such a diverse range of fees, it becomes difficult to understand what a reasonable agent fee should be. It is best to not settle on just one agent when you are selling or buying a property. Do a thorough market research before finalizing the agent and the commission you are willing to pay them.


Alternatives You Can Try

Are you not ready to pay a real estate agent such huge sums of money? Are you looking for an easy, convenient and cost-effective alternative that can help you in selling or buying a property but does not cause a big dent on your pocket? The best thing to do is to go online.

With the help of a website like BuyMyPlace, you will be able to not only list your property in the online directory, but will also be able to save a lot by avoiding having to pay a commission to a real estate agent. There are also more chances of having your property identified and shortlisted by concerned people because as many as 87% of the people today use the internet to look for a property they want. This is much better than having an advertisement for your property printed in a local newspaper.

Selling your property yourself can help you save as much as $19,000 that you would have otherwise paid to the real estate agent in terms of their fees and commissions. And, this is not a very difficult process as at all as well. The world is going online at a fast pace and this is the best thing to do in case you are looking to save money and also buy or sell your property in a reasonable amount.

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