Getting Rid of Outdoor Pests the Natural Way


Home improvements are big business. In fact statistics show that the average spend per homeowner is still increasing year after year.

But this doesn’t always take into account the amount that is spent outside the home. Developing your outside space and making it an extension of your home is becoming an increasingly popular option.

Unfortunately, this means that while you used to have to worry just about pests inside your home, you now need to think about the ones outside as well.

The reason is quite simple; you want to be able to enjoy your outside space. You don’t want mole hills on the floor, ant’s nests by your table or flowers eaten by all sorts of bugs.

The view and enjoyment of you garden is even more important if you are one of the 16% of US households with a swimming pool.

Here’s how to get rid of those pests the natural way:

Add Bugs!

One of the best ways of naturally controlling pests is to add the bugs that prey on these pests.

Some of the best options are praying mantis and lady beetles. These can be bought and set free in your garden or simply attracted to your outside space by creating a good food supply and an inviting home.

The best thing is that this is an ongoing solution; they will multiply and keep the pests under control.

Biological Pest Control

If your time is limited you can purchase biological pest control substances. These can be sprayed across the ground or on your plants to destroy any pests that try to eat them.

However, you do need to check the label to ensure you are getting a natural biological product; not one with harmful chemicals.


If you are particularly concerned about your vegetable patch then you can keep pests away from it by covering your plants with a net or a transparent sheet. This will allow the sun in but keep the pests well away.


There are a huge number of traps you can purchase; depending on which pest you are trying to eliminate. The majority of these are humane.

You set the trap with the appropriate bait and wait for it to catch your pest.

You can then transport it a good distance from your home before releasing it.

Alternatively you can keep slugs and snails away by setting a trap. All you need to do is nail strips of wood to another piece of wood and then place it next to your plants with the strips facing down; just off the ground.

The snails and slugs will go on the board and can be easily carried away!

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a natural product made from fossilized aquatic creatures. It is completely harmless to humans and your pets but pests cannot tolerate it.

It absorbs moisture and sticks to the pest. In effect it will dehydrate and kill them within 48 hours.

You can also experiment with essential oils and creating your own traps using a jar sunk into the ground with a little sweet liquid in the bottom. This is particularly effective against ants.



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