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There are some really bad drivers out there, there’s absolutely no denying that. Some people are just so bad that they’re actually causing a danger to the other people on the road as soon as they step foot in a car. But the worst thing is, the all types of drivers that we’re going to list today won’t even admit that they’re in fact a bad driver. Bad drivers are in denial, and that seems to create more of an issue on the road. Now, with so many people of the road at the minute, and so many new drivers passing their test as we speak, isn’t it time for something to be done? The worst drivers are the ones that cause accidents, injuries, and even death. So, if you feel as though you fall into any of the categories below, you seriously need to consider how you can change. Not only are you putting your own life at risk, but the life of others around you.

The Careless


The careless are those that just drive around without a care in the world, and often in their own world. Some people seem to think they’re the only people in the road, and in doing so they seem to try and rule the road. The careless are the ones that drive around cutting people up to make sure they’re slightly ahead in the queue. The careless are the ones who are constantly texting whilst driving. That one is one of the worst things that you can do. Even though you’re still looking at the road periodically, the amount of time that you’re looking away is enough to make you rear end someone, not see someone crossing the road, or slightly merge into the other lane with oncoming traffic. Law firms see cases of this all the time, and there’s nothing that can be done for the person that caused the harm. However, the person you may have caused harm to become massively entitled to so compensation. If you have ever been involved in an accident where someone was driving on their phone, check out websites such as to see what you could claim back. Finally, the careless driver is someone who will pay more attention to what is happening in their car, than what is happening on the road. For example, there are the younger careless drivers who are more interest in having a laugh with their friends, and there are the parent drivers who are constantly turning round to see what their kids are doing. Both of these will ultimately end up in an accident, because again, it’s the momentary lack of concentration when the eyes are off the road when accidents happen.


The Fearless


The fearless believe they own the roads more than the people who are careless. The fearless are the ones that like to race around. Speeding is such an issue when it comes to driver, and it is almost always the reason why a crash happens. What people don’t realise is that the speed limits are set to try and protect the lives of drivers and pedestrians. But drivers seem to think speed limits are set to annoy them, especially when they want to go faster. They’ll speed anywhere they can, but it’s often down country lanes where people really open the throttle. However, this is the last thing you want to be doing if you know you’re a known speeder. The dangers of flying around blind corners is just so high. All it takes is a car to be plodding along around the corner and a severe accident will happen. Another fearless driver is one that seems to take any opportunity to tailgate the people in front, which kind of ties into the issue with speeding. Tailgating will cause accidents, and it can often cause arguments on the road. Sometimes the fearless driver will be too fearless with the wrong.


The Silly

The silly are the ones who like to show off. Showing off always leads to accidents. We’re talking about the younger drivers, the ones that have no worries about other drivers, they just want to show off to their friends. It could be through speeding, revving engines, racing etc. Racing is the single worst thing a new and young driver can do. Races lead to silly mistakes, and silly mistakes lead to accidents. If you know a young driver, or you are a young driver yourself, try and stick to the rules of the road. When you’re inexperienced and making mistakes, you aren’t going to be able to save yourself if you come across someone else who might also be making mistakes on the road. You need to be an experienced driver, and even then, you should never be doing anything to put you or others in danger.

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