4 Things Parents Often Hate About The Summer

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Hate the summer? Are we being serious? There is so much to love. The sun is shining, nature is at its finest, and there may be time for downtime from work. Summer is awesome. Right? Well, yes it is, but if you’re a parent, there are some aspects of the season that you may absolutely loath. Here are just four of them.


  1. Your kids are off school


Summer vacation is great for the kids, but for the parents? Stress! What do you do with your little darlings for a start? You are guaranteed to hear those infernal words “I’m bored,” at some point during the holidays, and you will be desperately looking at your calendar wishing the days towards term time would just fly by. But they won’t… as all children know and love, summer can seem like a lifetime! Yikes! Still, if you’re a parent, the onus is on you to make things a little more interesting for the kids. Do something fun with them (removing those blasted two words from their vocabulary) such as going to the beach or an Escape Room, and then load your home with stuff for them to do during the summer season.


  1. You all suffer from the immense heat


The sun is awesome until it burns you to a crisp while you’re lounging underneath it. But as a parent, you have your children to consider as well as yourself, so while it’s your own fault if you end up looking a lobster, it’s your duty of care to protect your children. Of course, sunburn isn’t the only thing on your mind. The heat can cause your temper to flare as well as your childrens, so you need to find ways to cool them down, both literally and metaphorically. You will also need to stock your pantry with cool drinks and lollies to keep them hydrated in the treacherous heat. Blasted sun!


  1. There can be a lot of  expense


Going right back to #1 on our list, you will need to find things for your kids to do over the summer. Needless to say, this can be expensive, especially if you are stocking up on outdoor games and paying for summer activities. However, it is possible to do things for free. Local libraries, churches and community centres often have free activities for the kids, and there are other things you can do, such as going for a picnic, having a bike ride in the park, or playing dress up at home if the sun decides to give you a break for the day.


  1. Childcare is hard to find


If you’re a working parent, you have a dilemma on your hands. Do you a) bring the kids to work with you, or b) take time off work. For some parents, both options are impractical, so you will have to find somebody to mind the kids. Family and friends can be a lifesaver in this regard, but if they are busy too (how dare they), you could book your children into a holiday club for the summer, or send them off to camp where they can make new friends and try new experiences.




Despite the summer hardships, there is still a lot to love about the season as a parent. You do get to have more time with your kids, and while they will winge and pester you at times, there will undoubtedly be those special moments when you couldn’t care less because you love them. So, enjoy your summer, and try not to hate the season too much.


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