8 Cute and Easy Party Name Tags


When you are planning a party or any sort of get together, you need to make sure everyone knows each other. Sure, you can use fun icebreakers so everyone introduces themselves but sometimes it’s hard to remember a bunch of names at once.


What’s the easiest way to keep names clear and easy to see to prevent awkward conversation? Well, name tags of course. However, you don’t have to stick to boring nameplates, there are plenty of options out there. In this article, we are going to look at some more creative options when it comes to creating name tags for your next meeting or party.

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1. Add Some Ribbon


A step up from blank cards is decorated ones. The easiest way to do this is to add a little ribbon. The simplest way to use ribbon is to take two colors of thin ribbon, tie them together, and glue them on a folded piece of paper. Of course, you can get more creative with this as well.


2. Use Fabrics


You can also stray from the traditional paper name tags. Instead, put your guests’ names on pieces of fabric for a more bohemian vibe. You can sew the names on if you have the names ahead of time and are talented enough to do so or you can just use fabric markers.

3. Pinecone Name Tag


A custom pinecone name tags are highly suitable for a rustic winter theme party. You can ask your bridesmaids to craft them for you, as they’re a quick and easy DIY project. Personal touch to your events (such as dinner party, wedding party, birthday party, etc.).

4. Use Buttons Instead of Traditional Name Plates


This is another idea that is great if you have the names of your guests ahead of time. Rather than just putting their name on paper, make it into a button. These can be different colors and designs, just make sure that they are large enough to read. Buttons that are too small might be hard for guests to clearly see each other’s names.

5. Turn to Glitter


There’s nothing quite like glitter to add some flair to a situation. A popular choice to do this is to add a base card that is covered in glitter and then add a blank card on top of that one. This way, you don’t have to worry about the glitter interfering with your writing.

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6. Think About How You Hold the Nameplates Up


When you are using name tags to mark seating charts, think about how you hold them up. Instead of just using a wooden stick or folding them in half so they stand, get more creative. Stick them in cork or lemon, for example, to keep them up.

The invitation to wedding in the form of a card with a bow.

7. Stylish Card with Ribbon


These name cards (they can also work as an invitations) look stylish, eye-catching, and classy. A slightly smaller in size plain white paper is glued on top of the orange paper to create a blank space to include your invitation message.


The card can also be personalized to include your guest name. Use a cursive font to give a classic look. To make it look stylish, professional, and clean, a matching orange ribbon in a bow knot is glued on the left side of the card. In addition to using it as wedding name card, it’s also a great way to personalize your letterpress invitations.

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  1. Dessert name tag


The dessert name tags have a banner shape to include the name of the event, such as your loved one’s birthday.


It’s long enough to include any name of the event.


Plus, the two holders make it easier to place these name tag anywhere on top of a soft software, such as a birthday cake, or in between the pieces of cookies.


And creating one yourself is easy. You only need a pack of banners and holders, which you can easily purchase from a dollar shop. That’s all. Simply personalize these name tags and place it on the dessert, birthday cake, or anywhere else you feel like to turn your event a memorable one.



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