Easy Landscaping Tips for Your Yard



One way to boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value is to create an eye-catching yard. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in landscaping, these tips will provide great insight for homeowners and landscapers looking to get started in creating a beautiful yard.  

Plan, Plan, and Plan  

One of the most common mistakes homeowners fail to do is draw up a landscaping plan. Planning is crucial for landscaping projects because it saves you time, money and efforts. Your plan should include not only plant placement but blooming times, heights of plants, and plant needs like water, soil, and sunlight. Most importantly, stick to the plan!  

Consider How Much Time and Money You Want to Invest  

Sometimes homeowners embark on landscaping projects because they feel it is an obligatory part of their home improvement. Landscaping projects demand time, money, effort, patience and dedication. Choose a level of landscaping that you can reasonably maintain and enjoy at the same time. Native plants and trees – those that you see frequently planted in your area – are probably a great choice because you know they will do well in your area.  

Consider Your Watering Needs  

Most landscaping requires a considerable amount of watering or irrigation – at least when it is initially planted. Failure to water is a sure way to lose what you have invested in trees, plants, flowers, and grasses. When you can, choose shrubs, flowers, and grasses that do not require inordinate amounts of watering especially if you do not have time to invest in maintaining your landscaping.  

Work Within Your Means  

Take a look at your readily available resources. If you have a rocky yard, yard with generous shade or a yard that gets a lot of heat during the summer, work with it and take advantage of its features. For example, you could employ a beautiful rock garden rock gardening if your soil is rocky. Purchase heat-tolerant plants if your yard is mostly in the hot sun. Purchase shade-loving plants for yards that are shaded with big trees.  

Think About Erosion  

Is your yard on a hill? Heavy rains and gravity are two natural forces that will erode a slope that is not covered with grass, ground cover, rocks or plants. You may need to build a retaining wall to hold the ground. Talk to your garden shop or local landscaping service to learn ways to prevent erosion in your yard.  

Draw Attention to Your Porch with Beautiful Landscaping

Landscaping around your porch can genuinely increase your porch’s curb appeal. One idea is to create a privacy porch with hanging baskets or vines on a trellis. This gives you a relaxing place to sit and read or listen to music.  Another idea is to plant a country flower bed around the perimeter of your porch. Choose various textures and heights of perennial flowers. Consider weeding and watering requirements for the plants you choose. Mulch helps to prevent weeds and keeps the soil moister longer. You can also opt for water efficient plants for your yard to conserve the soil moisture.   

In Conclusion  

To increase the “wow” factor in your home’s curb appeal, take a good look at your home from the street. What can you do to make your yard appealing while at the same time keep maintenance to a level you enjoy? Talk to other homeowners that have appealing landscaping for more ideas. Stay within your budget and be sure to follow a plan from the beginning.


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