2019 Cruze Diesel Updates

If you are looking for a solid diesel car then look no further than the 2019 Cruze Diesel made by Chevrolet.  It has a new look over the 2018 edition but is looking to provide the same fuel efficiency as the previous years.  Also, the 2019 Diesel is keeping the manual transmission where the gasoline editions are not. Another reason to go with the Diesel if you are a fan of manual gear shifting.  Now down to the details on what is new.

The exterior has been redesigned that include the fascia, grille, and headlamps.  LED signature lighting provides the highlighting of the new headlamps. Like in the front, the rear has a new look with the artistic dual-element LED tail lamps. Finishing off the new exterior are new wheel designs in comparison to previous years.

On the interior, there are new available colors including Umber.   Also, the new standard for the Cruze is the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 radio with a seven-inch color touchscreen.  You can elect to upgrade to the eight-inch system if you so desire. OnStar is available at a base level without an additional subscription, but you can elect to get the 4G LTE connectivity with Wi-Fi hotspots if you choose to upgrade after the three-month free trial.  

The power plant is a 16:0:1 compression ratio 1.6-liter turbo-diesel.  The variable-nozzle turbocharger broadens the engine’s torque curve that supports greater high-rpm horsepower.  The vehicle is B20 biodiesel capable and has an electronic throttle valve that assists in reducing emissions and enables smooth shutdowns.  The standard transmission is the nine-speed automatic transmission, but a manual can be purchased if one desires. Lastly, an RS package is available that provides 18-inch machined-faced wheels, rear spoiler, front fog lamps and a sports body kit. 

For more information visit the Chevrolet experts at East Hills Chevrolet in Freeport.

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