The Exciting 2018 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet has continued a sixty-five-year tradition of making the Corvette.  The 2018 model has some new features that build upon the already impressive vehicle for pure power and extremely pleasing aesthetics.  All around, this is a great improvement to the already impressive driving experience that the Corvette has provided for its enthusiasts for over the past half-century.  

New is standard 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels that were originally available on the Z51 package.  You also have five new wheel options that include Torque and Motorsports designs. For those who wish to get the additional package, the Magnetic Ride Control is offered as a stand-alone option rather than being required in a package.  

The interior has several different new features that vary from the coloring pattern to the technology that is included in the cabin.  To start, the 2LT trim includes a color breakup for the instrument panel color. Jet Black suede-wrapped interior is available that includes carbon rim steering wheel and gloss carbon fiber interior trim.  For electronics, an improved rearview camera system providers for more area in the viewing area with a higher definition of visibility. HD digital radios are now standard for your listening pleasure. More information is provided to the driver provides four extra data channels that include individual wheel speeds, individual suspension displacements, yaw rate, intake and ambient temperatures.

This is all new features without talking about the already impressive power plant that provides an excellent driving experience.  This is matched with programming in the ECU that provides for five driving modes that tailor 12 specific vehicle attributes to fit your style of driving and the environment that you are driving in.  The Performance Data Record allows you to record high-definition video with telemetry overlays of your driving experiences on and off the track.

For more information on the 2018 Corvette, visit the experts over at East Hills Chevrolet of Roslyn.

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