What is the UConnect?

Vehicles from the FCA family have been touting the UConnect infotainment system for some time now.  While most people understand that it puts a collection of cool features into one stereo system, not everyone knows exactly what features are available for those who purchase one of these vehicles.  This article will go behind the scenes and provide the answers to what the UConnect system can do for you.

Like most stock stereos, the UConnect comes with the SiriusXM satellite radio built into it, yet over 150 channels are not the only feature that SiriusXM provides for the UConnect system. A lesser-known service called SiriusXM Guardian allows you to remotely communicate and interact with your vehicle remotely.  Having the ability to start your vehicle from the comfort of your living room is a feature that could be beneficial if it is extremely hot or cold outside. Also, the Vehicle Finder feature allows you to locate your vehicle with pinpoint accuracy in a large parking lot such as a sporting event or after a concert.  

There is still much more than the UConnect system will do for you as it can make an SOS call if you find yourself to be in an unsafe situation. The service also provides peace of mind with being able to provide Roadside Assistance calls, or stolen vehicle assistance if necessary.  Also, your vehicles alarm system will push notifications to your cell phone via text, email, or push notifications if the alarm is triggered. All of these features are integrated into the smartphone and smartwatch applications. You can also use this application to find directions on your phone and forward them to your UConnect system.

There are many other notable features such as the ability to remotely honk the horn or flash the lights to help you locate your vehicle.  Also, for an additional fee, the UConnect can be turned into a 3G Hotspot to connect all devices inside of the vehicle to the internet without using your data plans.  To find vehicles that host the Uconnect system please view the listings at East Hills Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, & RAM.

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