The 4 golden rules of interior design 

Your Northern Beach apartment in Sydney always stands to gain from an interior design makeover. But with so many options out there, it can become a tad bit overwhelming to decide the right fit. Too much experimentation is a costly endeavour, so what you’re looking for is an interior design solution that not only fits in well with your room’s overall décor but also strikes the perfect balance between the ‘cost and aesthetic ratio’.

It’s like the goldilocks zone that hits the sweet spot – eclectic and chic but affordable. Let’s start with discussing the impact of room layouts. Read More

5 Home Interior Design Styles that Suit French provincial Furniture

The luxe look of the French Provincial Furniture originated within the country during the 18th Century. While the wealthier homes saw grand architecture and ornate furniture take off, rural people were left to create their own unique spin of the style, influenced by the countryside and meant to emulate the natural textures and rustic farmhouse aesthetics present within the towns. Read More

Four Financial Moves To Make When You Lose Your Job

One of the worst times in life is when you find yourself unexpectedly out of work. You’ve got grand plans for your finances, and everyone knows about them, until bam – you’ve been in an accident and have to stop working due to health. Or the company you’ve known and loved for years breaks down and you’re in the line towards redundancy. Or, you’ve made a big booboo, lost a lot of money for your company and you’ve been fired. Read More