3 Traits of Safe Drivers

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Driving can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t such a great driver yourself but, fortunately for you and everyone else on the road, there are 3 traits that all safe drivers share that are easy to learn and apply to your own skill set. 

If you want to know more about car accidents and the consequences, you should visit here, but if you really just want to know what you can do to make the road a safer place, then read on.

They Don’t Rise to Aggressive Drivers

Safe drivers can attract some aggression from other drivers because they like to stick to the speed limit, stop at red lights and check before pulling out. This is unfortunate and while you might just speed up a little to try and get them off your back, aggressive drivers usually can’t be pacified so easily.

The best option? Ignore them. If an aggressive driver really wants to cause an accident and do a lot of damage to themselves and potentially to others as well, you should not put yourself in the way. In fact, you should pull over where it is safe to do so and let them go ahead. It is better to have them where you can see them anyway – and this applies to careless, fearless and silly drivers too!

They Understand Their Cars

Another trait of safe drivers is that they are familiar with their car. They know what all the lights mean should they come on and they know the capabilities it has. A safe driver will already know how to deal with most of the problems that might come up and fix them right away.

Safe drivers don’t just make sure that their cars visit a mechanic every time something sounds weird, they also go for check-ups and make sure that they do basic maintenance too. Refilling the screenwash and checking lights is just a start here. You should also know how to check the oil and should test your brakes regularly (and especially if you haven’t driven in a while).

They Focus on the Road

There are a lot of potential distractions while you are driving from the scenery surrounding you to singing along to your favorite tunes or trying to text and steer at the same time. In fact, distracted driving is potentially deadly with 400,000 people injured due to distracted driving in 2011.

So what do safe drivers do? They make sure that their phone is out of their eyesight or plugged in using Bluetooth to accept voice commands. You should never hold your phone in your hand while you drive – not even to quickly glance at the screen. If you desperately need to send a message or make a call, the best thing to do is pull over so you can dedicate your attention to the call in a safe space.

Safe drivers might have a reputation for being boring, but frankly, that is ridiculous. There is very little to be excited about after an accident and when life is so full of opportunities, driving like a maniac should come so low on the bucket list that you forget all about it.

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