The 4 golden rules of interior design 

Your Northern Beach apartment in Sydney always stands to gain from an interior design makeover. But with so many options out there, it can become a tad bit overwhelming to decide the right fit. Too much experimentation is a costly endeavour, so what you’re looking for is an interior design solution that not only fits in well with your room’s overall décor but also strikes the perfect balance between the ‘cost and aesthetic ratio’.

It’s like the goldilocks zone that hits the sweet spot – eclectic and chic but affordable. Let’s start with discussing the impact of room layouts.

Designing a functional layout

The most important part of your interior décor would be the functional layout of the room. It always helps to get in touch with consultants in Sydney’s top suburbs for more insightful consultation.

You can also use online virtual room programs and tools. With these online tools, you wouldn’t make floor plan mistakes anymore and won’t have to continuously move heavy furniture around. Think of it as your very own “room simulator”.

Why grouped items are so impactful

As long as grouped items have a similar theme, they will always add extra flair to your room. Take for example 6 candlesticks of varying heights neatly arranged on a single row. By matching the candlesticks with the room’s theme, you can pull of a truly classical look. This isn’t too difficult to accomplish and normally only requires soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions, curtains and other coverings. You can also group together objects that don’t relate to each other. The trick is to put the same colours, design patterns and shapes throughout the room for a more unified experience.

Big things make big impressions

It is always worth your while to experiment with big items that scale well when compared to other fixtures in your room. But be careful to not overdo this with too many objects. Experts at Advantage Property Styling Interior Designers believe that one large item, such as an artful portrait or a large ornamental mirror would do just fine to help accentuate your room’s features.

Don’t cheap out on the seating

The furniture team at always recommend spending big on the furniture. But choosing the right size for your room is easier said than done. There are so many customization options, with their own subtle variations, that the prospects can look a bit gloomy. We’re talking about variables such as fabric type, colour theme, size and the amount of money that you can justify splurging on appropriate seating arrangements.

So before you jump into it, always make it a point to measure your room specs. Just make a virtual picture in your mind of what type of furniture you think would fit best, and then try fitting that image around the measurements you just uncovered. Remember to do your homework before ordering; you don’t want to discover only too late that your choice of furniture was too long for your room space.


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