Here’s What You Need To Consider When Choosing A Hair Restoration Expert


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Choosing the best hair restoration expert for your needs is not as easy as doing a quick Google search. In the past, people used to go through the phone book and look for such an expert. Then they would conduct some research in person. It is much easier now, thanks to the internet and proliferation of computers. However, according to Dr. Cam Simmons – Hair Restoration Specialist, you should still do your research before picking a hair transplant surgeon.

Ask For Recommendations

There are several ways to find the best hair transplant surgeon for your needs. The first step involves asking for a recommendation. You can check with your general practitioner or another doctor in order to receive a referral. There might be a certain hair transplant surgeon that he or she sends patients to. Yes, this is an elective procedure, but doctors are always happy to send their patients to someone that they trust. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations. Your neighbors might be able to help out as well. There might be someone that they’ve used before even without your knowledge. And trust us, if you find out that your neighbor, the one with a full head of hair, had a hair transplant and you’re just now finding out about it, you want to go to that surgeon!


Check Online Reviews

This is a good second step. You’ll find plenty of online reviews of many different surgeons. You can look on Yelp, check out Google My Business, and even go through Facebook. Angie’s List might even have a few local listings for you. Although you do need to keep in mind that some reviews might not be honest, or that the reviewers might’ve had a proverbial bone to pick with their surgeon, the majority of them will be fairly honest. It’s a good place to continue your research if nothing else.

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Ask For His or Her Credentials

According to Dr. Simmons, you need to check your potential surgeon’s credentials. Hopefully, after going over the past few steps, you have a hair transplant surgeon or two in mind. Make appointments with your potential surgeons and ask to see their credentials. They should be fully licensed. If any of them lack training, or you have doubts about their training, then check with your local medical board to see if your doubts are valid.


Check Their References

Once you’ve chosen a hair transplant surgeon, you next need to check their references. They should be able to give you the contact information for several patients who had successful transplants. Check with those people. However, if they cannot provide this due to privacy laws, they should at least be able to show you a series of before and after pictures. These pictures will help you determine if they are the right surgeon for the job.


After going through all of these steps, you should have an appointment with a hair restoration expert that you trust.

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