Top Reasons Why You Should Go to Fiji For Schoolies


Who doesn’t want to jump at a chance to visit a place that has vivid blue skies, gorgeous white sands and of course crystal clear waters? If you are into all of the above, then Fiji is definitely the schoolie destination for you: Let us take a look why schoolies would love to visit this island paradise this school year.

It’s one hell of an inexpensive destination

Just about everyone wants to squeeze the last ounce of entertainment from their money and Fiji certainly offers this! Not only can you get relatively inexpensive accommodation there but the traveling costs from Australia are considerably less costly, in comparison to various other overseas destinations.

  • It both looks and also feels like one really massive beach party

If you really like the beach and furthermore you have a knack for partying, then yes Fiji is quite definitely the picture perfect destination for you and your mates. Not only will you get a chance to surround yourself with your fellow school leavers, but will also be able to meet the lads and ladies from other schools who are also out to have an equally great time with you! You will get the chance of a lifetime to meet new and interesting people, and of course all that mingling will mean that there would be a whole lot of potential to engage in a bit of summer romance, even as you dance away your way around a bonfire, till the wee hours of the morning.

  • You will always remember your time there

While it is all but certain that you will remember your school (wonder) years. But the highlight of that time period in your life would almost certainly be your ‘schoolie graduation trip.’ After all, for very many young Australians, going overseas for a schoolie trip pretty much signifies near absolute independence, as well as the start of the next chapter of one’s life.

And if you want to make this transition truly memorable then you will of course want the sort of ‘end of school’ holiday that is absolutely filled with adventure, sun,fun and frolic and with valuable cultural experiences as well. If that is all that you want from your Schoolies trip, then you can rest assured that Fiji is definitely one destination you will never really be able to forget. In fact, the odds are that it will give you a lifetime of truly awesome memories, especially if you were to plan your trip with

  • It’s practically a hop, skip and a jump from your hometown!

Unlike many other destinations around, the Fiji archipelago of islands is not very far away as such. it is practically under a 240 minute flight from Sydney airport. As a matter of fact, that is even less time than it takes to even visit Western Australia from Sydney or vice versa. This is why flights are so inexpensive as well.

In a nutshell, Fiji is practically one of the best destinations out there for your Schoolies trip of a life time.  

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