Pro Parenting – 5 Practical Financial Tips for Single Parents


Source: StevePb/Pixabay
Being a single parent can be , especially if your income doesn’t stretch to providing your children with everything they want and need. However, there are still ways to make your dollar go further while preventing yourself from falling into money traps. Pay attention to these financial tips below to benefit your family in more ways than one:
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How To Inspect Your Belts

The rubber belts that run an endless loop in your car are known as known as serpentine belts or drive belts. These are used to drive many important features of your automobile. Alternators, water pumps, power steering pumps, and air conditioning compressor to name just a few parts driven by the serpentine belt. While most vehicles utilize a single belt system, some vehicles can deploy a two-belt system to deliver power. Read More

How To Tell If You Need A Tune-up

Engines periodically need to be re-tuned to the original factory standards. This is primarily done by replacing some worn parts. For the most part, the adjustments older vehicles would require are no longer necessary as the computer handles the adjustment of the fuel mixture and the idler controller. In fact, there are only a few parts that need to be changed during the process of a tune-up. Read More

Where To Service Your Vehicle?

When it is time to have your vehicle repaired you have several options to select.  The first is to repair the issue yourself. A second option presents itself to bring it to the local repair shop on any corner in your area.  Lastly and in my opinion, the best overall option is to bring it to the dealership. While I fully admit that it costs more money than the previous two options, the benefits of using the dealership much outweighs the deal you get otherwise. Read More

Its Time to Winterize your Vehicle

Now that fall is upon us, it is very important to properly have your vehicle winterized.  This will ensure that when you are driving, your vehicle will be performing at the safest performance that it can.  Several major elements need to be modified from your typical summer configuration to help promote safety. While some may seem minor, none are more important than the others. Read More

Choose the Lender That's Right For You


There are many reasons somebody may need to take out a loan. Sometimes a person may find himself or herself in a sticky situation where he or she needs a short-term loan to make ends meet. Perhaps an unexpected event occurs which resulted in significant expenses. This can be difficult for many people, especially for those living on a fixed income. Whatever the reason for needing a loan, it is important to find a good lender. There are some key qualities which any good lender should offer. Read More

This is what you did not know about tarot cards

Considered as a new age discovery, the art of laying tarot cards and interpreting the results has been in existence for a very long time now. Often shown on the television and in films, tarot cards sometimes create a creepy atmosphere on air. There are a number of professional readers who offer their services in person, over email and on the phone. There are also do-it-yourself websites which allow you to pick a card and interpret it yourself. You might be familiar with some of the most beautiful cards but there is a lot more to tarot.
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