Its Time to Winterize your Vehicle

Now that fall is upon us, it is very important to properly have your vehicle winterized.  This will ensure that when you are driving, your vehicle will be performing at the safest performance that it can.  Several major elements need to be modified from your typical summer configuration to help promote safety. While some may seem minor, none are more important than the others.

Fluids within your vehicle need to be adjusted and double checked for proper mixture before the winter season is in full bloom.  Your engine coolant should be an equal mix of water and the antifreeze. This will prevent your radiator from being destroyed by having the water freeze on those cold days.  Another recommendation is to change your oil and have a higher viscosity, or thickness than you would be required of in the summer.

Ensuring other components under your hood are in good working order are important as well.  Belts and hoses can become brittle during the cold winter months. If they were previously damaged or worn coming into the fall season, it is time to have them replaced.  A secondary area of concern is your battery. The cold weather is extremely tough on the battery providing enough amperage to start your vehicle.

The final extremely important component to ensure is in good working order is your tires.  It is recommended that you change your summer tires for a better gripping snow tire. No matter if you change your tires or leave on your standard, you will want to ensure that your tire pressures are correct.  This is to ensure that the tires operate at their pinnacle.

Other items that you may wish to look at is making sure that your wiper blades are new and your wiper fluid has been refilled.  This way your visibility will be good during those wet snowy days. Taking your vehicle to a certified service center such as the one located at Three Rivers Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge & RAM.

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