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Considered as a new age discovery, the art of laying tarot cards and interpreting the results has been in existence for a very long time now. Often shown on the television and in films, tarot cards sometimes create a creepy atmosphere on air. There are a number of professional readers who offer their services in person, over email and on the phone. There are also do-it-yourself websites which allow you to pick a card and interpret it yourself. You might be familiar with some of the most beautiful cards but there is a lot more to tarot.

Tarot has a history not many are aware of. It was not always used to answer questions and predict future but it was used as a game and was played in one form or the other for many years in the past.


Facts about the history and development of tarot cards


Playing cards was introduced in Europe by Islamic soldiers


A lot of people tend to associate playing cards with European culture but the original playing cards were not from Europe. They were brought into Europe by Islamic soldiers who were invading Spain and Italy at the point of time. These soldiers, carried with them a game named Mamluk which featured distinctive cards that had intricate designs and gold leaf. These are the tarot cards you see today. The game had four suits, and there were 14 cards per suit which included three courts: king, viceroy and second viceroy. These cards became very popular in Europe and introduced the idea of killing time by playing card games.


Original Tarot cards were an Italian game


Not many are aware about this but Mamluk cards got popular and has many involved into card games. This evolved into today’s tarot deck. A lot of historians believe that tarot cards had originated as a storytelling game which was played by Italian noble families. The new card decks were used by the wealthy Italians for their games and the old Mamluk cards were used for a game called cards of triumph. The new cards had designs which incorporated symbols and figures and were used in card game bridge. The cards were laid out at random and the players had to make a silly poem about one another based on the symbol which came up on the card. This is the original form of tarot- a game instead of an attempt to get information about the future. If you want to learn more about tarot and the readings, head to and gain insights into how tarot readings work and how they can enlighten you about your life.


The French occultists gave mystical significance to tarot cards


A few of the French occultists conceived an idea that the entire design of tarot was based on ancient Egyptian religious texts. He believed that the tarot deck was brought into Europe by gypsies from Egypt and the symbols were Egyptian religious arcana. This is not true to every extent but he was the first person to say that tarot carried carried weight.

Mystic Aleister Crowley designed a new tarot deck


Tarot cards have two decks, the Major Arcana which has all the famous pictures and figures that you might be familiar with and the Minor Arcana which is like a modern playing card that is complete with suits. There have been many variations in the structure of the cards and many people have developed and designed different versions of the tarot deck. The famous mystic Aleister Crowley was drawn to tarot and he decided to reinvest the tarot deck. He put in principles of his own religion and other influences. However, it never caught on and he died before the deck could be released. It is known as the Thoth deck.


Famous tarot card designs exist today


There are many different tarot card designs existing today but there are some very famous designs that will pop up in your head when someone says tarot. This is because of the mass production of these designs and they are printed by press as compared to being hand painted. Some of the most famous designs are Rider Waite deck which was first produced in 1909 and it has never been out of print since then. The second one is Tarot de Marseille which dates to the 17th century and is a common design for tarot decks across the globe.


To trace the journey of tarot from parlor game to a spiritual practice can be complicated but it is a reminder that we have much more complex past than we think of. Tarot has always been considered as something that is recently discovered and gained popularity over time, but this is not the fact. Tarot has been in existence for a very long time now and is used by many. There is noting spooky or creepy about tarot reading.


Considered as mere playing cards at one point of time, these cards have significant importance in our lives and can guide you with regard to your career, health, personal and professional relationships. Many resort to a tarot reading in order to gain insights about circumstances or situations in their life. Although tarot does not offer a sure shot solution to your problems, it will help you find the right path and walk on the same to your own good. It is important to book a professional reader for your reading. Gather information about the psychic and then book an appointment. Even you can learn to read a tarot card but you need a lot of practice and in depth knowledge of what the cards mean.


Tarot gives a new perspective to your life and will change the way you have been approaching different aspects of your life. You will notice that by changing the direction of your life, you have grown and benefited in a substantial manner over a period of time.



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