Know When Your Shocks Have Had It

Your vehicle’s shocks are not your typical spring that you would see in the store. Yes, they do perform some of the same functions, but the purpose truly is to compress and then reduce the amount of bounce. This not only provides for a smoother ride in the cabin but also is important for the ability to turn the vehicle properly.

You are driving around town, and you notice that your car just does not feel like it used to. Corners do not feel as tight and when you go over the speed bumps, you tend to feel like a jack in the box for the next ten seconds. If you are having issues with steering where it is not as responsive as it used to be this is a sign that it is time to replace the shocks.  Trouble braking is another indication as the shocks help redistribute the weight during the breaking process.

These both are great symptoms that it is time to replace your shock absorbers. Another way that you can tell is if your vehicle starts to bottom out on rough portions of the road that you used to never before. Prime examples of this are railroad tracks or speed bumps. If you stop your vehicle fast, you will notice that the nose of your vehicle will seem to dive.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you should take your vehicle to a certified service center such as the one at Reedman Toll Chevy.

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