Where To Service Your Vehicle?

When it is time to have your vehicle repaired you have several options to select.  The first is to repair the issue yourself. A second option presents itself to bring it to the local repair shop on any corner in your area.  Lastly and in my opinion, the best overall option is to bring it to the dealership. While I fully admit that it costs more money than the previous two options, the benefits of using the dealership much outweighs the deal you get otherwise.

Dealerships have many advantages in comparison to a self-repair or a corner shop.  While the corner shop may have the industry standard certificate, the dealer has been highly trained on how to repair your vehicle.  They also have the experience of understanding how the vehicle reacts during different situations bringing your diagnostic time down.  Repair time is lessened as well as they are more familiar with the specific vehicle and know all of the tricks and tips to repair it.

A secondary benefit that dealerships have is specialized diagnostic and repair tools that were made specifically for your vehicle. Again, this cuts down on the repair time and the cost from the labor.  It also ensures that your vehicle is repaired correctly by using the proper tools. In addition, most dealerships have the highest quality of equipment to ensure the safety of your vehicle and the ease of use for the mechanic.  

While I have shown how it can be better to go to the local dealership with their tools and expertise, the most important factor is they use parts that were made specifically for your vehicle.  Not an aftermarket part that could fit any random number of vehicles so it fits “good enough”. The parts are made to fit the exact specifications of your vehicle’s design.

Finally, the dealerships work is guaranteed. If something does happen where the part does not resolve the issue correctly, that works is covered.  If your vehicle is still under warranty then you won’t have to worry about the charge at all either! These are the reasons why I trust my vehicle with a dealership service center such as the one at Reedman Toll Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM of Jenkintown.

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