Why Its Important to Change Your Oil Regularly

We all have heard that having your oil changed in your vehicle regularly is an important factor in maintaining your vehicle over a long period of time.  What does the oil do for the vehicle that makes this so important? How does the engine that stays in the engine longer than it should affect the vehicle?  These are important questions to fully understand the reasons behind.

Most people know that the oil is the engine’s lifeblood that maintains the lubrication of the many moving parts of the engine.  All of the moving parts create a high level of friction that would produce a high output of heat energy if there was not the lubrication to control this.  Most engine components can only withstand so much heat prior to them starting to fail. For an example, head gaskets can be cracked causing the pistons to lose lubrication and cause scoring of the head. If this occurs and the engine is not stopped fairly quickly, you can damage the block of the engine which would require the entire engine to be replaced.


Over time with the use of the oil in the engine, it picks up carbon and other dirt particles that can severely damage the engine.   This dirt will cause your engine to corrode and minimize the life of the engine itself. If the oil maintains inside of the engine it becomes sludge, which is extremely thick and counterproductive for maintaining proper engine temperature and premature wear from lack of lubrication.


It is important to follow your owner’s manual for the distance in miles and time for you to change your oil.  Each engine can have different specifications even within the same manufacturing brand. I also highly recommend taking the vehicle to a certified service center such as Reedman Toll Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM of Springfield.  They use parts made by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure your vehicle runs within designed specifications.

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