You'll Be In The Headlights Of The Law If You Don't Do These Things

When you become a driver, you open yourself to a lot of stress. For most of us, that doesn’t cross our minds when we put in for our tests. All we think about is that sweet moment when we get the coveted ‘pass’ and are free to hit the road. But, as soon as that dreamt of the moment is out of the way, the reality comes crashing down. As car owners, we have to worry about everything from tire safety to regular oil changes. On top of which, we have to ensure everything we do is in keeping with the road laws in our area.

Many of these laws are logical. Don’t exceed the speed limit. Don’t drink and drive. But, some aren’t quite as obvious, and these are the ones which pose the most substantial risk to us. One such law would be those about headlights. These make your vehicle visible and so play a massive part in ensuring the safety of you, and everyone around. Thus, it makes sense that the law is often stringent about this feature. But, too few of us think about this. Which is why we’re going to look at the three main things you should be doing to avoid the headlights of the law.

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4 Things Your Dad Got Wrong About Car Buying

Your dearest Dad has been a rock throughout your life, and the yardstick by which all men in your life are measured. He was there for your life’s every success from your first ballet recital to your college graduation. He also held your hand through every heartbreak from that first big breakup with your high school boyfriend to getting passed up for that big promotion at work. He’s helped you navigate the often perilous road through adulthood with love, patience, and understanding. He’s challenged you when you were coasting, inspired you when you were flagging and bolstered you when you were waning. He’s helped you with everything from your homework to moving house. He’s also always been on hand to offer practical tips and quotidian wisdom that have helped you to grudgingly become a grown up. Yup, our Dads are virtual fonts of knowledge and we can come to rely on them so much even in our adulthood that we come to see them as infallible. Read More

Keeping Cool With Kids In The Car

You might be thinking about taking a journey with the kids soon. Perhaps you are heading out on a road trip this holiday season to visit family and friends. Maybe you are just taking a little weekend away. Honestly, this can be a great idea, and it’s good every once in a while to get back in touch as a family. But, you do need to be aware of what it means to be on a car journey with the kids.
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Car Maintenance Misconceptions That Could Be Costing You Money

Finding your dream car is a wonderful thing. It means that not only will you get to where you’re going… You’ll get there in style. The perfect car is more than just a means of transportation; it’s an extension of your personality. Its size, shape, spec, color, and interior are all carefully chosen to result in an overall package that says to everyone you pass on the road “Hey, this is me!”. But even the most perfect cars don’t stay perfect for long. As much as we invest in our cars and the little customizations and finishing touches that make them well and truly ours, we must also dedicate our attention and our money into making sure that they’re well maintained and continue to serve you faithfully while still turning heads for years to come. Read More

Do's and Don'ts of How You Should Move a Piano.

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LiLgadgets Headphones Perfect for Children

Finding the perfect headphones for children can sometimes be a challenge.  When it comes to little ears we want to provide the best and most comfortable solution so they can enjoy listening to music, movies and play their games. With Lilgadgets look no further, these headphones are comfortable, durable and stylish. In addition, they are made portable by being compact and foldable which makes it easy to be taken with your child on the go.  Read More

How To Get the Perfect Tan With CoolTan

We all know that one of the most sought-after souvenirs from a vacation is an amazing tan. We all want that amazing glow that will take our look to the next level and make us look absolutely amazing. But getting a tan can actually be quite difficult! Between sticky and streaky tanning lotions and sprays, awkward tan lines, and an uneven tan it can seem downright impossible to get the perfect tan! I was super excited when I found out about the company CoolTanⓇ and their TanThrough swimwear that lets you get the perfect tan right through your swimsuit, makes it easier than ever before, and is super comfortable all at the same time! Read More