Do’s and Don’ts of How You Should Move a Piano.


So, are all your boxes packed and ready to be loaded? Moving can be very taxing, especially when big items are involved such as a piano. You cannot handle the move on your own and you need to be very careful or you might chip it from a corner. A basic piano weighs 380 pounds and if it’s a grand piano, good luck with even two people handling it. This baby weighs more than a 1000 pounds and manoeuvring it around the narrow corridor can be nerve racking.

No, you cannot roll the piano by pushing it from one room to another. A heavy object such as this will leave skid marks on the floor and even the slightest jerk might make some part fall loose. Yes, a piano can be dismantled but this task should be better left to a professional.

So, are ready you to make the move? Following are the dos and don’ts of moving a piano:

The Do’s of Moving a Piano

Do get several quotes from companies before making your decision. Compare prices on the short and long distance moves and then ask for safety details. If you are looking for Quick Pick piano removals, then make sure the movers are professional and reliable.

Do tell the movers if there are any parts loose in the piano. This way, the will take extra care during the transport.

Do clear the path for the movers, so that when they arrive, they can carry the piano out the house with any obstacles or tripping over a box.

Do cushion the piano as best as you can. If you are short on the moving budget, then instead of buying a crate, cover the piano with non-slip blankets and secure the covering with moving cords

Do ask the movers to dismantle the piano’s legs, so that they don’t get scratched during the move. By moving the legs, the piano can be carried out vertically, which prevents any damaging risks.

The Don’ts of Moving a Piano

Don’t forget to close the lid or it might break if the ride is bumpy.

Don’t use plastic ties to secure the piano. Invest in something stronger such as a bungee cord. The clips on it and the cord’s thickness will keep the keys and lid in place.

Don’t try to move the piano yourself downstairs or you might put pressure at its middle section and the cords will snap.

Don’t place heavy boxes or any kind of boxes over the piano. Your mover will already have knowledge of this, so we are just reminding you.

Don’t hire the moving service at the last minute. They might move the piano in haste and damage it in the process.

It’s important that you secure the piano with as much covering you can. This will provide you peace of mind that you did everything right from your end. The rest is the mover’s responsibility to make sure that no harm comes to the piano.


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