WowWee UNTAMED Sabre Tooth Tigers and Sneak Peek Dire Wolves


WowWee is at it again with some cool Fingerlings again. I cannot get enough of all this cuteness of these awesome toys. First let me introduce you to the UNTAMED Sabre Tooth Tigers.



Meet Silvertooth (white) and Bonesaw the Sabre Tooth Tigers.  Be careful these tigers are very unpredictable and ferocious. With their fierce fangs, snapping jaws, gripping claws they are ready for attack action. In untamed mode they roar like hungry tigers and in tamed mode they purr like kittens. In addition, they react to sound, motion and touch.

These are available at Target.

Here is a sneak peek at the WowWee UNTAMED Dire Wolves. These are not available yet but I will update you all when they are. Meet Midnight and Blizzard.


The Dire Wolves are ready to show you what they are made of. These wolves are fierce and have no problem showing it. They are ferocious with their snarling fangs, snapping jaws and gripping claws. In untamed mode, they will howl at the moon In tame mode, they nuzzle and play like puppies! Also, they react to sound, motion and touch.

Look for these in December at Target.  I will let you know as soon as I find out.


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